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    We help companies explore the possibilities of innovation to accelerate business growth and generate high returns


    The business world is constantly changing and companies need to innovate and actively respond to unknown challenges with agile action and an open mind. At the same time, in line with growing cultural pluralism and economic globalization, cooperation and win-win models has become the primary strategy for realizing rapid corporate development.

    XNode starts from entrepreneurs, connects the resources of large enterprises, and brings together the power of investment institutions, academia, government innovation agencies, and accelerators/incubators to gradually build a diverse entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem.


    XNode’s connected ecosystem helps companies to explore innovation opportunities and use proven methodologies and efficient organizational structures to enable innovation to grow businesses at lightning speed and generate high returns.



    XNode’s Venture Building is an all-new acceleration model. By matching the creativity, talents, and resources within the innovation ecosystem, we have formed a completely independent innovation vehicle, bringing advanced technologies to market within 9-months, and rapidly scaling businesses based on proven startup models.


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    XNode’s Scaleup Program is a cross-border startup acceleration service with an emphasis on providing holistic, instructive, and practical content. The program covers three key phases: cross-border mentoring, access to industry decision makers, and partner building. Currently, XNode has partnered with innovation agencies in five countries - Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Italy - establishing bilateral cross-border channels to accelerate startups’ entry into new markets.


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    XNode's Corporate Innovation Program is a customized service based on the localization of mature Western open innovation methodologies, complemented by lean entrepreneurship and design thinking. We focus on identifying opportunities from real pain points of large enterprises, attaching importance to the process of innovation, and demanding quantifiable business output.


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    XNode Jingan space is located in the overseas Chinese Building of Jingan commercial circle, the heart of the city with extremely convenient transportation. Here, we provide comfortable office space, spacious event venues, a fragrant café, a beautiful balcony, and a small and exquisite mini golf course. We integrate leisure, openness, freedom, enthusiasm and other elements to provide the entrepreneurial team with the most international entrepreneurial space, experience different office experiences and be a part of the development of different companies.


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    Our Zhangjiang Space is an 8,000 sq meter entrepreneurial flagship complex, located in Zhangjiang Innopark. It is a technological landmark and major source of innovation in Shanghai. ZhangJiang Space is jointly created by XNode and Zhangjiang Science & Technology Venture Capital. Our coworking spaces are committed to providing corporate innovation services, connecting, collaborating and partnering amongst entrepreneurs and to awaken intrapreneurs. Since operations started in 2017, the Zhangjiang Space has attracted many teams of startups, with the main focus on industries such as smart hardware, robotics, biomedicine and technological services.


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    1121+ XNoders in Our Community

    97% NPS on Acceleration Programs

    43 Cross-border Startups Accelerated from 7 Countries

    152M+ USD Raised by Startups in our Programs

    249 Corporate Innovators Participated in 64 Corporate Acceleration Projects

    160M+ USD Revenue Generated for Corporate Innovators


    A Global Platform

    with Chinese roots


    We operate globally with offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris and Eindhoven. We can therefore easily support and build innovation across the globe. Our team in Shanghai consists of 8 different nationalities while the large majority of our team is Chinese.

    We are the leading private corporate accelerator in China


    We‘re proud to be pioneering corporate open innovation in China without any government funding, and have proven to deliver measurable business impact for our clients.

    We operate like a startup. We understand the corporation.


    Our team is composed of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators in Chinese and international environments. We understand what it takes to drive innovation to result.

    Our programs are highly customized and localized


    We are able adapt to the needs and challenges of our stakeholders and don’t believe in one-solution-fits-all acceleration.

    We do not invest

    in startups


    There is no bias or conflict of interest when building collaboration between startups and corporates.

    We are building a top-notch Chinese Innovation ecosystem


    By working closely with academia, Chinese government, startups, scaleups and corporations.


    XNode 5th Anniversary Bash

    May 18th is our 5th-Anniversary Bash and we thank you for being a part of our journey. We started as a startup community in Shanghai in 2015 and then grew into a Community of Innovators in China over the past 5 years. Going forward, we are building THE Chinese-Global Platform for Innovation on a mission to help entrepreneurs and innovators build companies with a positive global impact.


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    Humble Hustle @2020

    As time flies by us we enter into another year. Starting from 2016, this is our fifth year-end summary and new year outlook. 2019 was destined to be a thrilling year. As I think back, it turned out so many topics to review and so many stories to share. So, let’s clear our thoughts and start with the earliest positioning of XNode.


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    Recap |The 22nd International Workshop on Business Incubation

    5-day learning of the 22nd International Workshop on Business Incubation (IBI) has been successfully completed at XNode on November 15th, 2019!! 21 experts from different fields shared their industry learnings in the week for 23 participants from 8 countries.


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