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2020 #XNode Resolutions 🥳

We love starting things afresh. The beginning of a new year (gosh, a new decade) is the opportunity to reset, focus, and execute. Our XNode team, not one to settle, appreciates the exercise of reflecting and setting ambitious goals. We love resolutions!

We went around the room and asked XNoders what they wanted to achieve for the 12 months ahead. We weren’t disappointed. We see the next few stories as commitment from our team to lead better lives. Add some fun. 2020 resolutions have a theme: let’s be more of our awesome selves.

Let’s start with Jade, our wonderful #Mobility #Industry4.0 Accelerator Manager.

My last trip of 2019 was in Hokkaido, I discovered my new found love for Hokkaido milk which is present in cheese, cake, and confectionary. The blog post just got published on - what do you think?

For 2020, my resolutions are to visit three equally delicious countries and invite a colleague to cool restaurants in Shanghai from time to time!

For obvious reasons, as soon as I read the last part of this resolution, I raised my hand and suggested Villa Le Bec. But Jade never followed up :(

Next, we get inspired by Emily's adventurous spirit 🏄🏻‍♀️

In 2019, I’ve been scuba diving into my work way too much! In 2020, I want to scuba dive from a fancy Pacific Island. The goal is to go from 12 diving tanks to 40 this year!

Can I learn how to surf?

And get a second tattoo?

Mum - sorry :)

And finally, we take a look at Lin’s resolutions. Lin is our finance meister, but she doesn’t really like this title - we are still looking!

2020 is getting me one year closer to retirement. That means being healthy, doing jigsaw puzzles, and learning Japanese.

But I can’t live the boring way, so I might jump from an airplane and parachute my way down. Why not?

Are you the creative and resolute type? We want to read your resolutions 🤙

Add them as comment below and we'll reply with some wise thoughts 👀

Happy New Year from XNode!

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