• December 4th-12th, 2016 - USA · San Francisco

  • Day 1 - ChinaTech Day Starts from San Francisco

    December 5th(PST)

    After a 10-hour flight, a serious jetlag, a warm welcoming party, and being finally all together, the ChinaTech Day delegation started the journey at San Francisco.

    The Chinese CTOs and innovation seekers will meet their peers in different San Francisco's (SF) ecosystems: the perfect way to tighten the already strong tech relationships between both countries


    · Parisoma by Fabernovel

    · Autodesk Gallery

    · Sightseeing - The City Hall

    · HAX (and two hardware startups)

    · Enjoy crab at PIER 39 Fisherman's Wharf. Can’t miss SF’s sea food

    Parisoma, Fabernovel’s coworking space, where “ideas are cultivated”, is a kind of incubator on demand. It aims to build a community for entrepreneurs offering coworking spaces by day, and events by night.


    "The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed." Faber novel innovation’s mojo. Inspiring...


    The company revenue comes from consultation, especially digital consultation. They leverage the fact that they are close to the startup eco-system. “Parisoma was not built to create money, but to create value”, and serve corporate clients.


    Parisoma was established in 2008 in SF, and the second coworking space in the city centre. The location now is surrounded by more incubators and lead tech players like linkedin, google ventures... Forerunners.


    In 2007, a shift of entrepreneurship from SV to SF started. Big companies and entrepreneurs also started to have offices in SF; cheaper and good resources to connect with for startups.

  • Day 2 - Facebook, PNP and Stanford!

    Isn't it an exciting day?

    December 6th(PST)

    A beautiful day in Silicon Valley today, a perfect day to rent a shared bike (probably less sexy than Mobike), and discover the city under this warm light. But we still need to go through a very full exciting day again. Bike tour in the afternoon, if possible.


    · Plug and Play

    · TopHatter

    · Stanford University

    · Facebook

    · DCM Annual Party

    Do I need to present them ?


    Those guys are almost everywhere, doing amazing stuff, building a strong innovation ecosystem. Founded in 2006, they have a huge startups community, some famous alumnis (Dropbox) and are investing massively in all tech related topics.


    It is easy to understand why they are top20 startup accelerator (Forbes) when you meet them.

  • Day 3 - Connecting with the Tech Stars

    December 7th(PST)

    Day 3. A very special day for all the delegation, and specially for us. We will meet the first kids on the block, the forerunners, the inventors of the acceleration model as we know it today : Y Combinator.


    And 2 or 3 tiny startups from the Valley : Airbnb and Google. J. Yeah I know what you are thinking right now ! We are crazily lucky, some might say very efficient in organizing Learning Expeditions …

    You can imagine that we feel like the Batman lover meeting finally Christopher Nolan, or a young politician having a dinner with Kevin Spacey….


    · Y combinator

    · Airbnb

    · Google

    · ZGC Silicon Valley Innovation Center

    · ChinaTech Night

    We met Anu Hariharan, partner, former BCG and Andreessen Horowitz. She introduced :

    · YC incubator

    · New tech trend YC sees from startup, AI, big data, VR/AR...

    · New updates of YC : YC funds and YC research.

    · YC potential development: online study for early startups buddies; YC to China.

    The space was inspiring with a powerful atmosphere, hard to describe why.


  • Day 4 - Between tech and content, Cheetah Mobile and Pinterest

    December 8th(PST)

    Day 4. We are slowing down a little after 3 crazy and intense days.


    On the menu today, only 2 visits: the most successful story of a Chinese tech going abroad, and a lot of visual contents.


    · Cheetah Mobile

    · Pinterest

    · Golden Gate Bridge

    Cheetah Mobile is the world's leading mobile tools provider. It is dedicated to providing a faster, safer and easier mobile experience for its global users. Headquaters in Beijing.


    We met their global app mobile people, tech leaders and hr.

    ChinaTech Day delegation has discussed with them a wide range of topics, especially on managing Silicon Valley engineers and Chinese company going globally.

    • How cheetah goes international?

    • Why do they change from a tool app to content provider?

    • Why Cheetah Mobile choose to set in Silicon Valley and how do they find Silicon Valley talents?

    • How does Cheetah Mobile manage cross-border talents and keep talents in a Chinese company?

  • Day 5 - Meeting XNode Friends at San Francisco

    December 9th(PST)

    Visiting XNODE Friends

    Australian Landing Pad @San Francisco

    Swissnex @San Francisco

    Cathay Innovation @San Francisco

    Austrade Landing Pad

    How can we visit San Francisco without a hello to the Australian Landing Pad people? As the 1st landing pad in San Francisco, Margaret Donoghue from Austrade (Australian Trade Commission) has shared with XNode their exprience in the last two batches of Australian startups. We also met Gabe, the landing pad manager, as well as one of the graduate Simon Murphy. Simon is working on Reflive, a smartwatch app which allows for supporters, club administrators or the media to record match details with the smartphone app. The San Francisco landing pad enabled him to test the US west-coast market and potentially Reflive is planning to come to Shanghai for the growing Chinese market.


    The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) has officially opened the Australian Landing Pad at XNode's Accelerator and coworking space in Shanghai. The Shanghai Landing Pad is one of five global hubs helping Australian startups innovate, accelerate, and go global.


    Swissnex is keen on Fintech area, which is also the key focus of XNode. This year in Shanghai, we have cooperated on Fintech events. Moreover, we partnered in the SSW-XNode startup pitching competition. The winner C-LAP has won a ticket to pitch at the SSW final (Seedstars World, a global startup competition with final in Switzerland next year).


    Bay area in San Francisco has been popular among startups all over the world. Swissnex aso set their first overseas base in San Francisco for such innovation spirits. We have met the startup program responsibles, Steven Reading and Dominic Sutter. They shared with us that the startup community has been shifting to San Francisco city in the recent years. You can find headquarters of uber, airbnb, and twitter etc. are located in the city rather than Silicon Valley. The eco-system is more vibrant in the city with startups, incubators, accelerators, VC and corporates. Many deals happen over drinks after work.


    Our mission is to connect the dots between Switzerland and North America in science, education, art, and innovation.


    swissnex San Francisco prepares academic, business, and creative clients for the world of tomorrow by bringing people and ideas together. A platform for exchange around topics in science, education, art, and innovation, we highlight the best of Swiss and North American ingenuity and create opportunities for networking among our diverse group of professional contacts in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and beyond.

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