• December 4th-12th, 2016 - USA · San Francisco

  • Day 1 - ChinaTech Day Starts from San Francisco

    December 5th(PST)

    After a 10-hour flight, a serious jetlag, a warm welcoming party, and being finally all together, the ChinaTech Day delegation started the journey at San Francisco.

    The Chinese CTOs and innovation seekers will meet their peers in different San Francisco's (SF) ecosystems: the perfect way to tighten the already strong tech relationships between both countries


    · Parisoma by Fabernovel

    · Autodesk Gallery

    · Sightseeing - The City Hall

    · HAX (and two hardware startups)

    · Enjoy crab at PIER 39 Fisherman's Wharf. Can’t miss SF’s sea food

    Parisoma, Fabernovel’s coworking space, where “ideas are cultivated”, is a kind of incubator on demand. It aims to build a community for entrepreneurs offering coworking spaces by day, and events by night.


    "The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed." Faber novel innovation’s mojo. Inspiring...


    The company revenue comes from consultation, especially digital consultation. They leverage the fact that they are close to the startup eco-system. “Parisoma was not built to create money, but to create value”, and serve corporate clients.


    Parisoma was established in 2008 in SF, and the second coworking space in the city centre. The location now is surrounded by more incubators and lead tech players like linkedin, google ventures... Forerunners.


    In 2007, a shift of entrepreneurship from SV to SF started. Big companies and entrepreneurs also started to have offices in SF; cheaper and good resources to connect with for startups.

    "Design shapes the world", they say. “From the buildings we live and work in to the machines that propel us forward to the products that enrich our lives, we live in a designed world. And the best way to touch and feel this world is at Autodesk Gallery, a top destination named by Wired". A must to see. They all loved it.

    Ending this day on a hardware touch was perfect. After the inspiration comes concrete stuff.


    What is HAX? A startup accelerator focusing on hardwares, 10 startups per batch, located in San Francisco and Shenzhen. Makes sense for the Chinese delegation. HAX is that structure that bridges perfectly between the US and China, in the hardware area. They also met there 2 startups who justed graduated from the last batch.


    And obviously the Q&A session raised the IP protection issue. Well there is no issue actually, for those who still fear copy in China, strong protection ecosystem is already there. Hundreds of American startups are producing in Shenzhen. And they are doing quite well.


    Good night. See you tomorrow.