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    Corporate Innovation in China


    @2018 CES Asia

  • 2018-6-14, 11:30-12:15

    English & Chinese with Simultaneous Interpretation (英文 & 中文同声翻译)

    Pudong Ballroom 4, 3F, Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai (浦东嘉里大酒店三楼浦东厅4)

    What are the best practices and lessons regarding corporate innovation? How do you discover your very own corporate innovation DNA? What are the forces driving corporate innovation; either inside-out or outside-in? Find out here, from innovation leaders who have seen and lived through the process.




    Tips 小贴士


    Participants are also eligible to visit the CES Asia conference and the exhibition area on 14th June.

    参与本次论坛还能获得6月14日CES Aisa会务论坛与展区的参观权益。

    Wei Zhou 周炜 | XNode

    Founder and CEO 创始人兼首席执行官



    Olivier Marescq | Pernod Ricard China 保乐力加中国

    Senior Project Manager 资深项目经理


    Kapil Kane | Intel China 英特尔中国

    Director of Innovation 创新总监

    Co-founder of Ideas2Reality 英特尔I2R联合创始人

    Holly Yuan 袁虹 | SAP Labs China SAP 中国研究院

    Chief Operating Officer 首席运营官

    Head of Venture Labs China 中国区投资创新中心负责人

    Schedule 日程安排

    11:30am - 11:39am

    Getting Your Open Innovation Landing 让开放式创新真正落地


    "We have a strategy. It's called doing things. 掷地有声,行胜于言"

    ——Wei Zhou 周炜


    11:39am - 11:51am

    Ideas2Reality- Looking inside for the next big thing.
    让创意成为现实 - 内部能量推动下一波巨浪


    "Enabling & empowering our employees to turn their ideas into successful businesses the Startup way! 激励员工以创业者的方式,用创意实现成功的生意"

    ——Kapil Kane


    11:51am - 12:03pm

    Business Acceleration 商业加速


    "Identify and implement innovative business models at speed through collaboration with startups. 与创业者通力协作,快速定义并实现创新的商业模式"

    ——Oliver Marescq


    12:03pm - 12:15pm

    The Disruption to Success 破而后立


    "Running intrapreneurship program in large corporations for small teams to create big impact. 大企业内部创业计划,小团队创造大未来"

    ——Holly Yuan 袁虹

    CES Asia 亚洲消费电子展

    June 13 -15,2018 I Shanghai, China

    2018年6月13日-15日 |中国·上海

    CES Asia

    Be part of the tech revolution. Experience groundbreaking technology and get in touch with the world’s brightest minds at Asia’s leading tech event. CES Asia is the place where startups, entrepreneurs and global brands converge to form game-changing partnerships. Be the first to encounter the latest innovations from 500 pioneering companies. The full ecosystem of the world’s tech industry will be represented on more than 21,000 square meters; from smart cities and artificial intelligence to vehicle technology and the latest in robotics. Gain fundamental insights about future developments as more than 110 industry experts share their knowledge through the conference program. Register now and prepare for tomorrow.


    与我们共同见证科技领域的全新变革。在这个亚洲备受瞩目的科技盛会,你将亲身体验到更具突破性的前沿科技,领略来自全球的智慧与创造力。与此同时,亚洲消费电子展也将致力为初创公司、知名企业以及全球品牌提供一个建立合作关系的理想平台。 展会上,你将率先目睹500家先锋企业的尖端科技。全球的科技生态系统都将通过智能城市、人工智能、汽车技术、最新的机器人技术,在超过42000平方米的展馆全面呈现。此外,还将有110多位科技领袖在专题会议上分享行业洞察,一同展望科技未来新趋势。即刻注册,共同见证非凡明天。

    Partners 合作伙伴


    With its forward-looking vision and extensive experience in understanding the digital economy, the role and mission of L'Atelier BNP Paribas is to assist the BNP Paribas Group and its clients in formulating the right strategy to address and take advantage of current and future change.


    TechTemple(Stock Code 839893) is a community and co-working space dedicated to startup companies.
    Startup Zen is our philosophy which we strongly believe in. We offers full range service to our clients and we incubate some of those most potential companies inside of our hub.
    We have 8 locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou in which not only work also event and parties are happening everyday and bring resources to the community.


    科技寺(股票代码839893),致力于为创业者服务,专注打造亚洲最具活力、 最具价值、 最国际化的创业社群,在上海、北京、深圳、杭州均有分店,入驻孵化的代表团队有36kr, Uber中国,Musical.ly,WeMedia,teambition,石墨文档,花点时间,活动行,艾瑞,新榜等。

    zhangjiang innopark

    Formerly known as Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Company, was approved the same day ZJ Park was established. ZJ Group was the fourth key regional development company of Pudong New Area after Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Development Company, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Company, Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone Development Company. The strategic vision of ZJ Group is to become the developer, service provider, operator as well as the leader in technological innovation and industrial investment of a world-class innovation park.


    上海张江(集团)有限公司与张江高科技园区于1992年7月同日挂牌设立。作为推动上海张江高科技园区发展的重要载体,张江集团定位于上海建设“全球科创中心”、“双自联动”背景下,打造张江科技城的主力军,科技园区的开发运营、科技产业投资、创新服务集成商。 在营造园区综合配套环境、提升园区自主创新能力、促进战略性新兴产业发展等方面,张江集团不懈努力,吸引并服务众多大型创新型科技企业和中小型创业企业聚集园区。随着集团三大核心业务的深入推进,将极大地支持张江科技城建设,成为上海建设具有全球影响力科技创新中心的核心功能区、引领区。

    neoBay, Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Community (neoBay), is co-founded on June 18th, 2015 by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Government of Shanghai Minhang District, and Shanghai Land Minhong Group (SL) to build an incubation platform of entrepreneurship and innovation with premium resources. With its focus on incubating technology-based start-ups, neoBay aims at attracting and converging worldwide resources and network of entrepreneurship and innovation, advancing Shanghai towards the leading hub of hi-tech innovation with global influence.



  • Tips 小贴士

    Participants are also eligible to visit the CES Asia conference and the exhibition area on 14th June.

    参与本次论坛还能获得6月14日CES Aisa会务论坛与展区的参观权益。

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