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    Corporate Innovation in China


    @2018 CES Asia

  • 2018-6-14, 11:30-12:15

    English & Chinese with Simultaneous Interpretation (英文 & 中文同声翻译)

    Pudong Ballroom 4, 3F, Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai (浦东嘉里大酒店三楼浦东厅4)

    What are the best practices and lessons regarding corporate innovation? How do you discover your very own corporate innovation DNA? What are the forces driving corporate innovation; either inside-out or outside-in? Find out here, from innovation leaders who have seen and lived through the process.



    Wei Zhou 周炜 | XNode

    Founder and CEO 创始人兼首席执行官



    Olivier Marescq | Pernod Ricard China 保乐力加中国

    Senior Project Manager 资深项目经理


    Kapil Kane | Intel China 英特尔中国

    Director of Innovation 创新总监

    Co-founder of Ideas2Reality 英特尔I2R联合创始人

    Holly Yuan 袁虹 | SAP Labs China SAP 中国研究院

    Chief Operating Officer 首席运营官

    Head of Venture Labs China 中国区投资创新中心负责人

    Schedule 日程安排

    11:30am - 11:39am

    Getting Your Open Innovation Landing 让开放式创新真正落地

    Wei Zhou 周炜


    11:39am - 11:51am

    Ideas2Reality- Looking inside for the next big thing.
    让创意成为现实 - 内部能量推动下一波巨浪

    Kapil Kane


    11:51am - 12:03pm

    Business Acceleration 商业加速

    Oliver Marescq


    12:03pm - 12:15pm

    The Disruption to Success 破而后立

    Holly Yuan 袁虹

    CES Asia
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    Participants are also eligible to visit the CES Asia conference and the exhibition area on 14th June.

    参与本次论坛还能获得6月14日CES Aisa会务论坛与展区的参观权益。

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