• Our Corporate Innovation Programs (CIP)

    "It's not the big that eat the small... it's the fast that eat the slow."

  • In the new digital age, corporations are facing a huge new hurdle: innovation and disruption. Regardless of what kind of position a corporation is situated in today, a shift in tradition thinking is of extreme priority. We witness and experience this phenomena from an insider’s perspective, and are developing several tools that will help corporations adapt.

    Startup Scouting

    We help corporations find and meet topnotch startups in their areas of expertise, in accordance with their strategic needs. Corporations can assess and select the most promising startups at demo days where startups pitch their disrupting solutions.

    Learning Expeditions

    Discover, learn about, and explore the innovation ecosystem both inside and outside of China. In this learning journey, we aim to inspire executives with the innovative mindset, broaden their horizons, and help them shape their futures.

    Innovation Workshops

    The goal of XNode Innovation Workshops (XIW) is to develop high impact strategies and concrete action plans for innovation. A new theme will be chosen daily for participants to identify problems around. Participants will then solve these problems through creativity and ideation.

    Hackathons & Ideathons

    Hackathons and ideathons allow corporates and startups to team up and solve problems in innovative ways—creating the perfect opportunity for corporates to bond with the startup community and discover potential internal needs.

    Tailored Xelerator Programs for Corporations

    In the most comprehensive product of our CIS, you will be able to build your own program including XNode’s extensive resources in areas like mentorship, coaching, and pitching. We help corporations and institutions run the accelerator they want for their unique needs.

    Marketing Intelligence Reports

    Our detailed reports give corporations new insights on disrupted markets, with information like new trends, rising key players, and emerging technologies in specific areas of expertise.

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