• Intelligence: digitalization and technology

    No.9 Donghu road integrates the beauty of technology into work, using intelligence to create a suitable living environment and bring increased comfort into the eight-hour workday.

    Surpassing 5A building automation

    Reach across the globe with region-wide gigabit fiber optic internet connection

    Region-wide Wi-fi hotspot coverage: online anytime, anywhere

    Low-E double-layer insulation glass and noise reduction facilities create a tranquil workspace in the middle of the bustling city

    Smart light control, filtered water, PM2.5 air filtration—everything you need for a comfortable working environment

  • Governance: management and convergence

    No.9 Donghu Road uses smart facilities to manage living: decreasing time wasted on trivial matters, easing the stress of the busy city, and managing everyday life.


    Hardware & software upgrade, internal & external integration


    Superior property management, 24-hour expert consulting services


    All-round building security monitoring for a safe working environment


    Smart garage management system

  • Community: networking and friendship

    No.9 Donghu Road has already surpassed the limitations of a simple co-working space: come by to discover a variety of superior business resources. Being in the space will allow you to connect with various communities and achieve wide-scale networking. Your future business partners and opportunities be right here just waiting for you to discover them.

    Break out of the physical limitations of the space by building a community atmosphere with a community-exclusive app & WeChat ID

    A diverse office space to fill residents with motivation and energy

    An internationalized community improves both living and work quality

    A wide variety of events, with opportunities for every brand to be heard

    Internet technology sharing

  • Inclusion: diversity

    No.9 Donghu Road uses its open mindset to gather the diversity of the city and integrate it into its space—creating an undying lively and colorful atmosphere. The 100-year old Donghu Road is facing towards the future and attracting a new era.

    Shanghai's top-level business district center and the epitome of a modernized business space

    Building corporate culture with accumulated wisdom from 100 years of history

    Comprehensive, 24-hour services

    Multi-functional facilities to satisfy all your needs

    Convenient transportation, with metro lines 1, 7, 10 & 12 within walking distance

    Building a diverse ecosystem to help develop business opportunities

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