• Experiential Learning & Corporate

    Innovation Program

    A joint program delivered by

    emlyon, top French international school & XNode, Chinese Startups and Innovation accelerator

  • Experiential Learning & Corporate Innovation Program

    Turn your ideas or innovative projects into revenue generating businesses. Master how to drive innovation in a corporate environment, through experiential learning or learning by doing, leveraging multiple use cases and hands-on applying the innovation learnings and frameworks on your own real case.

    Why jumping into

    this innovation and transformative program?

    Every corporation is putting innovation as a top priority to sustain its growth and create its future before being disrupted by new nimble entrants. Each corporation is shaping its own way to innovate, but few realize the full potential of their innovation capabilities.


    At the crossroad of a learning journey and a hands-on startup project acceleration, mixed with a powerful ecosystem of innovation in China, this joint program is taking the best of the academic and executive education world and the startup acceleration world to drive meaningful and impactful internal project based innovation.


    startups are created

    every day, in China

    $2.1 Trillions

    is spent on

    digital transformation

    $43 Billions

    Invested in inefficient

    corporate training

    50% of the S&P 500

    companies will be replaced

    in the next 10 years

    Certified Innovation Training Program

    Target audience:

    This custom-made program is delivered to people within the same company: Intrapreneurs, transformation managers, Middle management.


    Starting Date:

    1st of June



    3,5 months. Average 1 day every week



    320,000 RMB per innovation project accelerate

    The innovation Journey through different learning formats:

    • Innovation Workshops delivered by top-notch academic professors and startup founders, in the heart of the innovation ecosystem at XNode.


    • Lean project management methodologies to get things done


    • Multiple case studies shared


    • 1 accelerated project per team, with clear deliverables: business case, MVP, financial modeling and pitching deck


    • 1 mentor with extensive business experience, on frequent 1on1 sessions


    • 3 meeting/sharing sessions with corporate innovators in the China ecosystem


    • A ton of useful materials that you will keep for future implementation of innovation strategies


    • A supportive acceleration team to guide and facilitate every step of the acceleration journey

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