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    Our Startups

    We've got a top notch community! Half of our residents are from Chinese local, and the other half from abroad. We believe having a diversity is critical to success in China, and our community currently boasts over 20 nationalities!

  • "For a Fintech startup in China, there is no better place to be situated than

    XNode. They bring some of the best resources and key industry players

    to the table making it easy to get connected within the financial community."

    - Jerome Eger, Co-founder, Managing Director China of Ginmon

    "XNode's events are focused and relevant, you won't find better tech

    resources or community in Shanghai"

    - Kamilla Fa, Co-founder & Product Lead of Dive


  • What Startups Get

    We let the benefits speak for themselves.

    First class Offices

    4 prime locations throughout Shanghai: JingAn, ZhangJiang, HongQiao, DongHu.

    70+ Startups

    Our community is getting bigger and bigger every day.


    Mentors, VCs, Partners

    Check them out below, they’ll become a part of your network when you step in the door.

    Workshops and Events

    3 to 4 events a week: lectures, networking & focused workshops for small teams...

    Pitching Days

    Every 2 months, top investors judge most promising startups.



    We know corporations pretty well. We understand their mindset. You will have easy access to them.


    Government support

    Officials are backing us and encouraging us in this big adventure.


    Deep Chinese roots

    Our DNA is Chinese. We have a deep knowledge of the local mindset. But are very opened to the world

  • Strategic Partners

    Get connected fast, our startups have quick access to leaders amongst globally recognized organizations.

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  • Mentors

    High level mentors and industry experts with expertise in every aspect of business.

    XNode mentor Adil Husain

    Adil Husain

    Founder and Managing Director of Emerging Strategy

    XNode mentor Anthony Ying

    Anthony Ying

    KTB Investment Management Partner

    XNode mentor Bill Ye

    Bill Ye

    King & Wood Mallesons PRC tax and business advisory services.

    XNode mentor Chris Young

    Chris Young

    Investor, Entrepreneur, and MNC Executive of multiple global businesses

    XNode mentor David Zhang

    David Zhang

    Managing Partner at Ginkgo Capital

    XNode mentor Frank Wang

    Frank Wang

    Partner at TDF Capital

    XNode mentor Gang Lu

    Gang Lu

    Founder of TechNode

    XNode mentor Hanson Chen

    Hanson Chen

    HBC Consulting
    Founding Partner

    XNode mentor Ludvig Nillson

    Ludvig Nillson

    Jade Invest Managing Director

    xnode martin innovation

    Martin Daffner

    Innovation Architect

    XNode mentor Morgan Jiang

    Morgan Jiang

    King & Wood Mallesons
    International Partner.


    XNode mentor Nobuaki Kitagawa

    Nobuaki Kitagawa

    CyberAgent Ventures China Managing Director of Overseas Investment & CEO

    XNode mentor Osamu Kaneda

    Osamu Kaneda

    Founder CEO of Yo-ren ltd.

    XNode mentor Ping Ping

    Ping Ping

    Managing director of Chengwei Capital

    XNode mentor Stephen Peng

    Stephen Peng

    JT&N Partner


    XNode mentor Toshi Tanaka

    Toshi Tanaka

    Founder & CEO of Takumi Innovators

    XNode mentor Will Zhang

    Will Zhang

    ARK Design
    Cofounder / Innovator

    XNode mentor Zhou Yi

    Zhou Yi

    Founder and president of

  • Venture Capital

    Looking for funding?

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  • Incubators Partners

    We are building strong international bridges.

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    New York

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  • Media Partners

    Exposure is a must for a growing startup.

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