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    We've got a top notch community! Half Chinese, half from Abroad, we believe having a diverse community is critical to success in China, and our community currently boasts over 20 nationalities!

    XNoder Australia Unlimited
    XNoder seedlink
    XNoder platform88
    XNoder tophatter
    XNoder a-li
    XNoder Geekbang
    XNoder d.camp
    XNoder wecarewc
    XNoder ginmon
    XNoder Takumi Innovators
    XNoder omnicharge
    XNoder dive
    XNoder Alta Apps
    XNoder aimhigher education
    XNoder careerxfactor
    XNoder continente
    XNoder chozun
    XNoder cultarture
    XNoder carevoice
    XNoder duola
    XNoder dyly
    XNoder elevator
    XNoder euclideon
    XNoder foodline holding international
    XNoder firefly creation
    XNoder Grana
    XNoder highlight
    XNoder kmt
    XNoder leinhome
    XNoder Lan-win Technology
    XNoder mavie
    XNode msq
    XNoder mount william investment group
    XNoder Moka
    XNoder nsg
    XNoder Overhand
    XNoder pullpath
    XNoder orangepanda
    XNoder quancept
    XNoder Qkuts
    XNoder royal horse
    XNoder stem
    XNoder super partner
    XNoder shansong
    XNoder the hutong
    XNoder 247tickets.cn
    XNoder orangepanda
    XNoder tuoniao.fm
    XNoder yesports
    XNoder justdoeat
    XNoder orangepanda
  • All our Mentors...

    High level mentors and industry experts with expertise in every aspect of business.

    XNode mentorAdil Husain

    Adil Husain

    Founder and Managing Director of Emerging Strategy

    XNode mentor Anthony Ying

    Anthony Ying

    KTB Investment Management Partner

    XNode mentor Albert Yu

    Albert Yu​


    XNode mentor Bill Ye

    Bill Ye

    PRC tax and business advisory services.
    King & Wood Mallesons

    XNode mentor Cathy Hau

    Cathy Hau

    Real Estate Group of CITIC Capital Holdings
    Executive Director

    XNode mentor Chris Young

    Chris Young

    Investor, Entrepreneur, and MNC Executive of multiple global businesses

    XNode mentor David Zhang

    David Zhang

    Managing Partner at Ginkgo Capital


    XNode mentor Dejun Luo

    Dejun Luo

    CITIC Capital
    Executive Director


    XNode mentor Frank DESVIGNES


    AXA Lab Asia at AXA

    Founder & CEO

    XNode mentor Frank Wang

    Frank Wang

    Partner of TDF Capital

    XNode mentor Gang Lu

    Gang Lu

    Founder of TechNode

    XNode mentor Hanson Chen

    Hanson Chen

    HBC Consulting
    Founding Partner

    XNode mentor Georges Haour

    Georges Haour​


    Professor of Technology & Innovation Management

    XNode mentor Huawei Kong

    Huawei Kong​

    director at Chinese Academy of Sciences

    XNode mentor ​Junyi Zhang

    Junyi Zhang

    NextEV New Energy Fund
    Partner; Member of Investment Committee

    XNode mentor Kevin Huo

    Kevin Huo

    Founder and CEO of Geekbang Tech, InfoQ

    XNode mentor ​Lei Niu

    Lei Niu

    ShanghaiTech University
    Innovation Instructor

    XNode mentor Ludvig Nillson

    Ludvig Nillson

    Jade Invest Managing Director

    XNode mentor martin

    Martin Daffner

    Innovation Architect

    XNode mentor Mochizuki Kazuhisa

    Mochizuki Kazuhisa


    XNode mentor Morgan Jiang

    Morgan Jiang

    King & Wood Mallesons
    International Partner

    XNode mentor Nobuaki Kitagawa

    Nobuaki Kitagawa

    CyberAgent Ventures China Managing Director

    XNode mentor Osamu Kaneda

    Osamu Kaneda

    Founder CEO of Yo-ren ltd

    XNode mentor Patrice Nordey

    Patrice Nordey

    CEO & Founder

    XNode mentor Ping Ping

    Ping Ping

    Managing director of Chengwei Capital

    XNode mentor Richard Nie

    Richard Nie​

    King & Wood Mallesons

    XNode mentor Sina Farzaneh

    Sina Farzaneh


    XNode mentor JT&N Partner

    Stephen Peng

    JT&N Partner



    XNode mentor Stone Shi

    Stone Shi

    ACEM, SJTU, Executive Education Academic Director

    XNode mentor Miguel Solana

    Miguel Solana​

    Santander China

    Head of Innovation and New Initiatives

    XNode mentor Toshi Tanaka

    Toshi Tanaka

    Founder & CEO of Takumi Innovators

    XNode mentor Vivian Shen

    Vivian Shen

    Omnichannel Ecommerce and marketing, Retail.

    XNode mentor Wei Zhou

    Wei Zhou

    Founder & CEO

    XNode mentor Wenkan Liao

    Wenkan Liao

    LC Consulting
    Founding Partner

    XNode mentor Will Zhang

    Will Zhang

    ARK Design
    Cofounder / Innovator

    XNode mentor William Bao Bean

    William Bao Bean

    SOSV, Partner
    Chinaccelerator, Managing Director
    MOX, Managing Director

    XNode mentor Yi Zhou

    Yi Zhou

    Founder and president of

    XNode mentor Yiru Chen

    Yiru Chen

    Assistant president of Zovie, General manager of Management Center

    XNode mentor Yuchen Cai

    Yuchen Cai

    Hotwind – Fashion retailer

    Senior VP & Assistant to President

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