• The Revival of Donghu

    Total immersion into the Huaihai Road Business District and the core of the Shanghai Former French Concession for thriving yet peaceful living

  • No.9 Donghu Road


    An embodiment of the changing times with Western style rooms, theatres, and buildings

    The flower garden western room was originally intended as the residence for the Gordons, a Jewish trade merchant couple. When Albert Einstein came to Shanghai in 1923, the Gordons welcomed him into their house on No.9 Du Mei Road. In 1939, Hamber, a German Jew, renovated the house into the “Du Mei Big Theatre,” which specifically filmed foreign movies and turned into a hot meeting spot for Shanghai’s cultured youth. In 1960 the Donghu theater was renovated into a 3D movie theatre, and in 1962 it showed China’s first wide-screen color 3D film, “Magician’s Adventure.” Following the renovation, Donghu transformed into a lively, bustling hub. That same year, a French film week was also held in Donghu. In 1972, heavy outlash towards the public announcement of the United States-China alliance broke out in Donghu—writing a brand-new chapter in China’s diplomatic history. In 2000, the large mansion was completed and officially changed its name to the Shanghai Real Estate Building.

  • I.G.C.I


    Digitalization and Technology


    Management and Convergence


    Networking and Friendship



  • Using intelligence to create healthy architecture: introducing Donghu's new future
    7 major systems: the tools of the winners of the future

    Driving the future with inspiration! No.9 Donghu road is more than just a building: it’s reinventing co-working spaces by breaking through traditional structures, redefining conventional standards, and influencing future methodology to build the future! The physical space will help you realize and gain deeper foresight in advancements in technology. An open-minded attitude and sense of freedom will show you to a new world business. The future is waiting for you at No.9 Donghu Road!

    9 Donghu Road is integrating the human spirit into the business space of the future. High standards are building interactive relationships between people and the space, redefining the future winners of business.

  • Carve out your own working area from a 700m² space

    Work and entertainment all in one place

  • No.9 Donghu Road

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