• Office Types & Rates

    Hot Desk

    100 RMB/day

    These are non-fixed, cost-effective work stations scattered in our open and spacious areas. You are free to choose the location based on your work requirements and mood. These places are most suitable for:

    • Temporary and last-minute use
    • Flexible and convenient

    Dedicated Desk

    150 RMB/day or 1,200 RMB/month

    Fixed work stations with office chairs and cabinets in our open and spacious areas. Friends from different companies have the opportunity to interact and work with each other. These places are most suitable for:

    • Smaller startups or individuals
    • Small-Medium Enterprises to scale and develop faster

    The limited number of fixed work stations is separated by Ou Song boards with a European style, bringing a comfortable and warm experience to the entrepreneurs.

    Private Office

    From 13,500 RMB/month

    Our office spaces in the ZhangJiang Space comes equipped with desk chairs and filing cabinets. There are independent partitions and comes with a double access control system to protect your company property and provides information security. Residential customers can also enjoy the preferential registration of company in the ZhangJiang Area. These offices are most suitable for:

    • A 4-25 people entrepreneurial team
    • High-speed development and technical innovation team

    The room is dominated by simple white paint and transparent glass panels, matte stickers and no partitions. Most offices comes with windows and natural lighting.

  • Included Amenities & Services

    The ZhangJiang Space is located in the core area of the ZhangJiang Hi-Tech park and on the subway Line 13. It is adjacent to the Green Plaza and the 2049 Shopping mall.


    The total area of the ZhangJiang space covers a total of 8,000 sq meters and it is opened 24 hours every day. There are a variety of types of office spaces, from open work stations to independent offices; all to meet the needs of teams of all stages of progress. There are also public meeting rooms and printers at the convenience of the enterprises, which also serves to lower the operating costs of said businesses.


    The public open space area is about 3,000 sq meters. The open area is equipped with a raised event area. In addition to the massive and high-quality entrepreneurial activities held in the interior, it can also be flexibly changed to a venue that can comfortably accommodate 150 people according to the needs for the event.


    At the same time, in addition to the offices, the space is also equipped with a spacious and comfortable terrace, sofa areas and comfortable tables and chair. These are convenient for business and team meetings as well as leisure work. Entrepreneurship is an arduous journey and keeping healthy and sane is important. Fitness equipment are placed in the office area to facilitate that.


    Having a bright comfortable office environment is not our only value offered. At XNode we connect global entrepreneurial support partners and resources from corporates, all to provide entrepreneurs with resources of the highest quality.

  • A two-minute walk from the Zhongke Road Station Metro Line 13

    4F, No.800 NaXian Road, PuDong, Shanghai

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