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  • Case Studies

    The best way to understand our approach. (Coming soon!)

  • What startups get

    We let the benefits speak for themselves.

    First class offices

    Three prime Shanghai locations to choose from: JingAn, ZhangJiang and HongQiao.

    70+ startups

    Our community is getting bigger and bigger every day.


    Mentors, VCs & partners

    Check them out below—they’ll become part of your network right when you step in the door.

    Workshops and Events

    We hold 3-4 events weekly, including lectures, networking sessions, and focus workshops for small teams.

    Pitching days

    Every two months, top investors come and evaluate the most promising startups.



    We deeply understand corporations and their mindsets— soon you will too.


    Government support

    Key government figures are backing and supporting us in this big adventure.


    Deep Chinese roots

    With Chinese DNA, we have an insider's knowledge of the local mindset. At the same time, we are also very in tune with the rest of the world around us.

  • "For a FinTech startup in China, there is no better place to be situated in than

    XNode. They bring some of the best resources and key industry players

    to the table—making it easy to get connected within the financial community."

    - Jerome Eger, Co-founder & Managing Director China of Ginmon

    "XNode's events are focused and relevant – you won't find better tech

    resources or communities in Shanghai."

    - Kamilla Fa, Co-founder & Product Lead of Dive


  • Venture Capital Firms

    Looking for funding?

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  • Mentors

    Our high-level mentors and industry experts have expertise in every aspect of business.

    XNode mentor Adil Husain

    Adil Husain

    Founder & Managing Director of Emerging Strategy

    XNode mentor Anthony Ying

    Anthony Ying

    KTB Investment Management Partner

    XNode mentor Bill Ye

    Bill Ye

    King & Wood Mallesons PRC tax and business advisory services

    XNode mentor Chris Young

    Chris Young

    Investor, Entrepreneur, and MNC Executive of multiple global businesses

    XNode mentor David Zhang

    David Zhang

    Managing Partner at Ginkgo Capital

    XNode mentor Frank Wang

    Frank Wang

    TDF Capital Partner

    XNode mentor Gang Lu

    Gang Lu

    Founder of TechNode

    XNode mentor Hanson Chen

    Hanson Chen

    HBC Consulting
    Founding Partner

    XNode mentor Ludvig Nillson

    Ludvig Nillson

    Jade Invest Managing Director

    xnode martin innovation

    Martin Daffner

    Innovation Architect

    XNode mentor Morgan Jiang

    Morgan Jiang

    King & Wood Mallesons
    International Partner


    XNode mentor Nobuaki Kitagawa

    Nobuaki Kitagawa

    CyberAgent Ventures China Managing Director of Overseas Investment & CEO

    XNode mentor Osamu Kaneda

    Osamu Kaneda

    Founder & CEO of Yo-ren Ltd.

    XNode mentor Ping Ping

    Ping Ping

    Managing Director of Chengwei Capital

    XNode mentor Stephen Peng

    Stephen Peng

    JT&N Partner


    XNode mentor Toshi Tanaka

    Toshi Tanaka

    Founder & CEO of Takumi Innovators

    XNode mentor Will Zhang

    Will Zhang

    ARK Design
    Cofounder & Innovator

    XNode mentor Zhou Yi

    Zhou Yi

    Founder & President of

  • Media Partners

    Exposure is a must for a growing startup.

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  • Incubator Partners

    We're building strong international bridges.

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    xnode spark labs

    New York

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  • Strategic Partners

    Get connected fast with our vast network of leaders from globally recognized organizations.

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    Le wagon Coding bootcamp
    Shanghai Tech University
  • Our friends, our community,

    our startups

    We've got a top notch community! Half of our residents are Chinese locals, and the other half are from abroad. We believe that diversity is critical to success in China — our community currently boasts over 20 nationalities.

  • You probably have a lot of questions...

    Feel free to reach out to us—we're happy to help.

  • In the new digital age, corporations are facing a huge new hurdle: innovation and disruption. Regardless of what kind of position a corporation is situated in today, a shift in tradition thinking is of extreme priority. We witness and experience this phenomena from an insider’s perspective, and are developing several tools that will help corporations adapt.

    Startup Scouting

    We help corporations find and meet topnotch startups in their areas of expertise, in accordance with their strategic needs. Corporations can assess and select the most promising startups at demo days where startups pitch their disrupting solutions.

    Learning Expeditions

    Discover, learn about, and explore the innovation ecosystem both inside and outside of China. In this learning journey, we aim to inspire executives with the innovative mindset, broaden their horizons, and help them shape their futures.

    Innovation Workshops

    The goal of XNode Innovation Workshops (XIW) is to develop high impact strategies and concrete action plans for innovation. A new theme will be chosen daily for participants to identify problems around. Participants will then solve these problems through creativity and ideation.

    Hackathons & Ideathons

    Hackathons and ideathons allow corporates and startups to team up and solve problems in innovative ways—creating the perfect opportunity for corporates to bond with the startup community and discover potential internal needs.

    Tailored Xelerator Programs for Corporations

    In the most comprehensive product of our CIS, you will be able to build your own program including XNode’s extensive resources in areas like mentorship, coaching, and pitching. We help corporations and institutions run the accelerator they want for their unique needs.

    Marketing Intelligence Reports

    Our detailed reports give corporations new insights on disrupted markets, with information like new trends, rising key players, and emerging technologies in specific areas of expertise.

  • Our Corporate Innovation Programs (CIP)

    "It's not the big that eat the small... it's the fast that eat the slow."

  • Our Core Values

  • FAQ

    What is XNode?

    We are a platform for tech innovation in Shanghai. We consider ourselves to be a tech startup that owns and uses physical space (our hardware) to develop an ecosystem in which startups can undergo accelerated growth with access to the resources and assets they need (our software).
    We are at the crossroads of institutions, corporations, startups, and tech lovers—building bridges between these various communities to foster innovation and synergy.

    What do startups get when they join XNode?

    XNode’s startups get access to a vibrant ecosystem, inside which they will find a diverse portfolio of resources. They are also offered desks and offices in prime locations across Shanghai, at very competitive rates with corporate-standard office amenities.

    What does XNode's community look like?

    Our community consists of local and international entrepreneurs, including tech squads, marketing firms, financial professionals, and experts from various other industries. Despite this diverse mix, our community members all have three things in common: dreaming big, following their passions, and always wearing a smile.

  • We offer tea & coffee!

    Come share your dreams with us.

  • Behind our big adventure

    stands a devoted team

    xnode othmane

    Othmane Bennis

    Martin Daffner

    Martin Daffner

    xnode jasper

    Jasper Gill

    xnode cassie

    Cassie Jiang

    xnode kelly

    Kelly Li

    xnode jean

    Jean Liu

    XNode Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu

    Channing Qian

    Channing Qian

    xnode ayaka

    Ayaka Sato

    xnode toshi

    Toshi Tanaka

    xnode caroll

    Carol Tang

    XNode Jill Tang

    Jill Tang

    xnode gary

    Gary Wang

    xnode bob

    Bob Wang

    XNode James Wang

    James Wang

    xnode j

    J Wu

    xnode bill

    Bill Xiong

    XNode Yoyo Xu

    Yoyo Xu

    xnode rita

    Rita Zhao

    XNode Fiona Zhang

    Fiona Zhang

    xnode Masaaki Zhu

    Masaaki Zhu

    XNode Chad Zhu

    Chad Zhu

    xnode wei

    Wei Zhou

  • Our Story

    Here at XNode, we utilize our unique position as the most international platform in Shanghai to provide high-quality Chinese localization services to startups and entrepreneurs, and connect them to topnotch domestic and international incubation resources such as mentoring, expert consultation, partnerships, VCs, corporations, and innovation programs.


    On top of providing workspaces for entrepreneurs across Shanghai, we are also partnered with 10 incubators and innovation programs from around the world to foster a community where both Chinese and overseas entrepreneurs can exchange their ideas. We are passionate about helping next-generation entrepreneurs redefine, disrupt, and reestablish existing structures in their respective industries.
    Because we live and operate within the startup ecosystem, we deeply understand how startups work and connect with them on a daily basis. At the same time, we also understand that the ever-changing nature of the digital world is making innovation more pressing than ever for large corporations who now risk becoming obsolete. To address this issue, we also work to bridge the gap between corporates and startups, foster strong intrepreneurship, and give both corporates and startups a platform for them to each demonstrate what they do best.
    We are positioned right at the center of two worlds—embracing the mindsets of both startups and corporations. Join us in our journey to help these two communities connect with one another, learn new innovative strategies, and work together to unleash their maximum potential.



    We're looking for

    the next unicorn...

  • XNode's Pitching! 7

    Take a look and enjoy!

    XNode had a crowded house as we hosted our “XNode Pitching! 7”. We were honoured to have 5 brilliant startups from different fields and industries pitch at XNode and try their best to impress our board of judges.












  • Watch This Video For a Tour of Our Jing'An Space

    Take a look and enjoy!

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  • XNODE and Dutch Venture Accelerator High Tech XL Sign MOU

    May 22, 2017

    Last month, XNode signed a ground-breaking MOU with Dutch government-backed Dutch venture accelerator HighTechXL at the China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF). The deal is the first MOU that XNode has signed with a Dutch venture accelerator and is a promising start to future collaborations between XNode and the Netherlands' ecosystem.

    Holland was the guest country at this year’s CSITF and it’s visit marks the strengthening of sustainable working developments between the two countries, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. To kick-off this collaboration between the two countries, Dutch venture accelerator HighTechXL signed a memorandum of understanding with XNode, the first entrepreneurial bridge between the two countries.


    HighTechXL is a Dutch High-Tech Hardware Accelerator which specializes in accelerator hardware startups in areas like IoT, Robotics, and MedTech. XNode is a Shanghai-based co-working space and accelerator that accelerates both foreign and local startups from all fields.


    Last month’s CSITF was the conference’s 5th session and builds on the success of the Shanghai’s 2010 World Expo to continue promoting innovation-driven development, global tech trade, as well as showcasing the latest high-tech global trends.

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  • Offering spaces in prime locations

    across Shanghai

    xnode jingan space

    Visit us!

    Our JingAn space is in the very centre of the city within walking distance of the JingAn Temple.

    XNode ZhangJiang Space

    Visit us!

    XNode co-branded with ZhangJiang Science & Technology VC to create this 8,000㎡ flagship international startup hub.

    XNode HongQiao Space

    Visit us!

    XNode and NeoBay present a growing cross-border e-commerce hub located in HongQiao, one of the earliest economic zones and the New WestGate of Shanghai.

  • Building strong synergy

    in China and abroad

    We're bridging startups, corporates, and institutions. Tap into our partnerships with key industry players.

    xnode shanghai government

    Support from

    local authorities

    xnode australian landing pad

    Australian government sponsored startup programs

    xnode cathay france

    Sino-French Innovation Fund

    axa xnode

    Corporate innovation services for MNCs

    xnode deloitte japan

    Partnerships with

    global consultancies

    xnode HightechXL

    Acceleration and funding for hardware startups

    xnode zhangjiang park

    Partnership with the leading public

    hi-tech park

    xnode chinatech day sf

    Learning expeditions for China's top CTOs

  • "We're excited to be working with XNode on the Shanghai Landing Pad, one

    of five global hubs helping Australian startups innovate, accelerate and go global."

    - Karen Surmon, Trade Commissioner at Austrade.​


    "I really like how XNode is building a professional tech-community. They are nimble and effective – bringing continuous growth and momentum to companies."

    - Cathy Zheng, Shanghai Technology Innovation Center, Coordinator of the "Overseas Startup Gateway Program”



    - 郑碧,上海市科技创业中心 交流合作部 创业首站项目协调人

    "XNode helps startups connect to global tech resources and inspires creative growth in corporations."

    - XiaoJue Lin, Business Commission of JingAn District, Director

    - 林晓珏,上海市静安区商委主任

  • "Every startup in Shanghai should go to XNode."
    - DaHui Feng, IT KOL in China, Founder of noCodeTech


    - 冯大辉 , 小道消息作者,无码科技创始人

    "XNode was an invaluable asset for our
    startup's move to China. Their resources
    allowed us to make a seamless transition
    with our localisation so we could hit
    the ground running."

    - Megan Wang, Head of Supply (China), Tophatter.com

    "XNode's fully facilitated workspace, professional team, and international platform all provide us with strong support. With XNode and Geekbang's strategic partnership, we will help corporations grow faster through the power of tech."

    - Kevin Huo, Founder & CEO of Geekbang

    - 霍泰稳,极客邦科技创始人兼CEO

  • Connecting startups to

    resources they need

    Venture Capital Firms






    Overseas Incubators


    Media & Gov't Officials


  • Do you have high ambitions?

    Our international platform accelerates startups and entrepreneurs by helping them find the perfect product/market fit for their respective industries in China. We connect startups and entrepreneurs to the right resources, networks, and corporations for success in our beautifully designed spaces across Shanghai.

  • What we've achieved so far



    raised for

    our startups








    and helped


    in revenue from

    China market

    entry support

  • 2 Spaces Coming Soon

    Book before May 3, and enjoy 50% off for your first 3 months of rental

    XNode ZhangJiang Space

    XNode HongQiao Space

  • Want to book a tour or

    organize an event?

    Let us know!

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