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  • Our Story

    We incubate ideas and accelerate startups & entrepreneurs, connecting them to an international and local network of mentors, experts, partners, VCs, corporations and institutions looking for the next Unicorns.


    We build workspace in strategic locations across Shanghai, where both local and foreign teams work together and share ideas as one community. We passionately help next-generation entrepreneurs redefine, disrupt and establish new orders within their industries.


    We live and operate within the startup ecosystem, connecting to them on a daily basis. As such, we deeply understand their DNA, and how to help them build the future. We also understand the world is changing fast and corporations need to adapt now, more than ever, before being obsolete.


    We are positioned right at the centre, with the mindset of both startups and corporations. We are doing our very best to help them connect, to learn, and to unleash their potential.


  • Behind our Big Adventure

    Stands a Devoted Team

    xnode othmane

    Othmane Bennis

    Martin Daffner

    Martin Daffner

    xnode jasper

    Jasper Gill

    xnode rhea

    Rhea Gu

    xnode cassie

    Cassie Jiang

    jnode go

    Go Kurakami

    xnode kelly

    Kelly Li

    xnode jean

    Jean Liu

    Channing Qian

    Channing Qian

    xnode ayaka

    Ayaka Sato

    xnode toshi

    Toshi Tanaka