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Chinese Innovation Born from the Pandemic

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Tencent Smart HealthCare Fighting Against Epidemic

With novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) becoming the major concern of people in recent weeks, Tencent has been playing an active role in the battle against the epidemic. Tencent Smart HealthCare, Tencent Cloud, Tencent AI Lab and other teams have been working to deliver solutions that help to ward off the virus.

  • WeChat keeps users updated on epidemic situation
  • Tencent Medipedia, a trustworthy platform of healthcare information
  • Tencent lends a helping hand to scientific research

Taobao Live Accelerating Digitization of China’s Retail Sector

Taobao Live, a marketing channel launched by China’s largest mobile commerce platform in 2016, is fueling the digitization of China’s retail sector. At its annual Ecosystem Summit in Hangzhou, Taobao announced plans to host livestreaming sessions from 300,000 merchants per day in 2020. Wholesalers and manufacturers in factory cluster areas, such as Yiwu in Zhejiang Province, will form the target audience. Because of the popularity of livestream, Taobao Live expects it will help incubate 200,000 offline retail stores.

JD’s Supply Chain Solution Supports Xiaomi 10-Year Anniversary Sale

JD Logistics, an important partner of Xiaomi, provided a smart and integrated supply chain solution to ensure orders for Xiaomi’s 10-year anniversary sales promotion. In addition to JD’s couriers, JD’s autonomous delivery robot will also deliver Xiaomi products in Wuhan on the second day following the official end of the lockdown in the city.

Huawei and UNESCO IITE & UNESCO-ICHEI Organize Webinar for Online Higher Education to Practice its Learn ON Program

Huawei held a live webinar for online higher education to help ensure continuous online education during the suspension of schools and universities. The webinar, as a special part of Huawei's Learn ON Program, was jointly organized by Huawei and its partners including UNESCO IITE and UNESCO-ICHEI. Leaders and experts from global enterprises and universities were invited to share their practice and challenges in online education during the COVID-19 crisis. They also discussed feasible solutions that can ensure both education continuity and online education quality when schools and universities are closed.

How Baidu is Harnessing the Power of AI in the Battle Against Coronavirus

In recent years, AI has begun to play a significant role in the health-care sector: Advanced computing and data analysis tools enable information sharing and diagnostic practices, and deepen the medical profession’s understanding of diseases and infections. Prompted by the urgent need to contain COVID-19, government agencies and private companies around the world are increasingly looking toward AI-based techniques to provide insight on its spread and support treatment for those who have been infected. Baidu is now harnessing the power of AI in the battle against coronavirus in several ways, including:

  • AI and virus research
  • Safe and effective screening in real time
  • Automating and operationalizing health-care access
  • Using big data to track viral impact
  • Autonomous vehicles carry out non-contact tasks
  • Coronavirus and global connectivity

DiDi Pushes Protective Film, Medical Teams and other Anti-pandemic Measures Overseas to Serve More Users around the World

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, Didi has established a global emergency response mechanism, maintained close contact with the World Health Organization, and facilitated teams of local partners around the world to engage in the global fight against the pandemic using China's online anti-pandemic technology and offline organizational strategies, including:

  • Establishing multinational health-care convoys
  • Establishing the Global Fund for AIDS Support
  • Sharing free and open AI technical capabilities
  • Maintaining sustained investment to fuel industry recovery

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