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How To Launch Your Startup In China - Idea to Reality (Infographic 1/5)

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Launching a business and starting up is a tough game. Especially in a fierce competitive market like China.

But nothing is impossible. And those who survive and succeed are even stronger than the rest.

We do our best to make startups and entrepreneurs' journey smooth and easy, so they can have all chances to succeed and grow.

From idea and team constitution, to product and day to day execution, to fund raising from the right VC, we wrapped up our best takeaways into 5 infographics series on how to launch your startup in China.

This is the first one. Hope it helps.

Wishing you all a happy new year of the Rooster!

Launching Your Startup In China - Idea to Reality - Infographic 1- XNode Accelerator

by XNT

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