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Real Estate Innovation Journey Starts Now

Recently we can see the rise of real estate innovations all around. Whether it is the transformation from online to offline, or the design of new experiential centers, brands are paving the path. Today, let's go on a journey to visit some of the latest examples of real estate innovation.

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STOP 1: One-day tour at Bilibili - China mainland's first-ever Animate store

On April 25, 2020, Shanghai's first Animate independent store was officially launched at No. 288, University Road. The store is officially authorized by Japan and is operated by Bilibili's Super Electric. As a large-scale Japanese animation, manga, and gaming peripheral chain store, Animate has more than 120 stores in Japan, and a high popularity among global comic fans.

animate store

Shanghai’s Animate store is slightly different from those opened in Japan. This peripheral store has been successful in licensing Chinese animation and game IPs to support the boom of local comics. At the same time, it also added more peripheral elements of Bilibili's “Small TV”.

animate very close to Bilibili main office in Yangpu

Animate is very close to the main office of Bilibili in the Yangpu district. Enthusiasts can visit the office of Bilibili as the first stop, then visit the Animate offline store, before walking 300 meters to enjoy the well-known Chinese barbecue "The Story of Chuaner" (made famous… also by Bilibili!).

STOP 2: The offline launch of star-led fashion brand TEAM WANG

On July 18, Shanghai Jing’an Kerry Shopping Center was crowded. There was a long queue at the door of Wang Jiaer’s own fashion brand TEAM WANG. The line of fans passed right through the first floor of the shopping center and all the way to the crossroads outside the mall. The offline pop-up store is the brand’s first physical store and has been designated as the only place to buy a limited-edition customized "BLACK MIRROR".


The first series, "The Original", was officially released with the store launch. This presents TEAM WANG’s most iconic items. By rejecting excessive decoration, but giving space for transformation and matching, every single product can create unlimited possibilities by adding a variety of ornaments.

STOP 3: Sit in the "car" and drink a cup of coffee

Many car brands have chosen to open offline experiential stores. Some brands focus on product display, while some may focus more on the promotion of brand culture. More than cars, these centers also offer food and beverages.

Everything from lighting aesthetics to the dishes are meant to represent a metaphor for the brand concept.

What’s the point? Imagine one month later when you see any of the peripheral products you purchased in the store; you may still remember the cup of coffee you drank next to the limited-edition sports car on that afternoon.

Beijing Wangfujing NIO House

Beijing Wangfujing NIO House

Mercedes me exterior

Beijing Sanlitun Mercedes me

Shanghai BMW Experience Center

Shanghai BMW Experience Center

STOP 4: HuanXin Journey -  immerse in the future of real-estate innovations

The real estate industry is increasingly turning towards innovation and digital transformation. But what works and what doesn’t work?

HuanXin Journey

HuanXin Journey has been restarted and upgraded in 2020 to inspire real estate leaders by innovation case studies, onsite explorations, keynote speeches, workshops, and more. This is a journey to see, feel, and think about your own positioning in the future of the real estate industry.

We invite anyone interested in the future of the real estate industry to register their expressions of interest here:

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