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Top 8 Tech Predictions For 2017, From Top Seers...

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What I like most about the new year period, are all those articles where everybody goes with their predictions, on all topics, and especially on tech.

I am following major tech media sources, and it is amazing. Almost everybody is writing on that (Time, TechCrunch, Fortune, INC...). You might have read a lot of them too.

Logic, isn't it!

We all love these kind of articles, and their engagement rate is among the best. Probably because people like to foresee the future...

Don’t get me wrong, we are not that different, but we will give you a different approach. We played at the prediction game as well, in a different way, from a quantitative stand point.

The top 8 tech predictions for 2017, and our methodology

We crossed 135 predictions from 20 articles, from 20 different sources, 3 continents, among top ones that pops up on Google or Buzzsumo, from major medias.

We mixed up everything, ranked them and here are top 8 most popular predictions.

XNode tech predictions 2017

And if you are curious about our methodology, check out the xls screenshot, and all our sources listed, below.

XNode 2017 tech prediction screenshot

This is for the quantitative part, but we did not forget the qualitative one. The best piece of paper we found out there is here (7 absurd tech-ish predictions).


Frankly speaking, after the Brexit and Trumps, who still believe in those predictions ?

The articles list

by XNode Team 

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