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What You Missed This Week#2: Top Articles that Resonate with our Audience

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A list of the week wrap up articles which intrigued and interested our readers.

Topics range from marketing, innovation, to what’s hot in the startup tech scene, in China and abroad.

Third of the series.


Five Ways B2B Marketing Will Change in 2017: All Roads Lead to Marketing Performance Management

As marketers manage more demand due to marketing budgets on the rise i.e. upto 12% increase in revenue , the marketers have to be prepared for greater scrutiny, systematic task planning and returns. The massive amounts of data collected by marketers have to be put clearly into determining context.

Venture Capital

Chinese Investors Have Money, Want Biotech and Don’t Fear Trump

Despite tough talks by Trump regarding the tech industry in both the countries, chinese investors are aiming for fueling money in US Biotech startups. Due to less homegrown drug related startups, the investors are looking at tie ups as well.

Human Resource

To Motivate Your Employees, Give Honest Feedback

To keep employees motivated, they require honest feedback as it affects their work and productivity. A well-tailored, meaningful feedback for individuals is difficult to come up with, however it gives positive outcome.

The 3 Performance-Management Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

High turnover and low employee engagement are common sign s that the traditional performance management strategy is not working. Decline in metric may signal towards that employees are not getting enough ongoing feedback. Performance management is a process which needs work everyday.

Market Strategy

China's Used-Phone King Has Designs on Landfill

What can be done to piles of used technology? To get its hands on recycling technology, a chinese Startup is aiming at selling second hand and used tech online for its rural population. It has collaborated with e-commerce player Inc., to set up an online bazaar to turn second-hand products saleable.

Market Entry

Why Mental Health Apps Bloomed In China In 2016

Mental health counselling saw a boom in 2016.Around 64 counselling Apps raised investments from capital markets. A change in public awareness since 2008 have led to starting to focus on mental health which is turning into an epidemic globally. China has massive mobile and internet user base is turning the tide towards App based mental health counselling.

Uber Movement Is a Newly Released Treasure Trove Of Data For City Officials

Uber is trying to help city planners and government to improve traffic conditions and commute by making its movement data public. With scores of Uber running in the cities, it will help city planners and traffic operartors to find out reliable information quickly . Like Waze, which provides city officials data on road movement, blockades etc.


Blockchain, Cognitive Computing And Cloud To Shape Future Of Finance

With the emergence of Fintech, financial firms are becoming more competitive and cognitive computing which mimics human mind can help them come out with clear map on the future discourse. Financial institutions are not taking full advantage of the data at their disposal.

Analyst Report: All Clouds Are Not Equal: Differentiating An Enterprise Cloud

As the cloud service providers business is maturing, there is a need to diversify clouds according to the users needs. One size fits all may not work for a long time. Changes are being seen in the IT industry which is adopting public cloud more frequently.


How Blockchain Is Impacting Clean Energy

Blockchain also has a potential in the renewal energy market. Several Startups are integrating blockchain with energy which has various purposes. The ideas range from alternative coins which can be used in power production to using bitcoin enabled smart contracts for administering energy transactions.

What Can Big Data Determine About History By Analyzing 150 Years of News?

Finding a pattern in news which helps in generating information on history, which we might have missed so far. A group of researchers used analytics and bigdata on 35 million articles of 100 British local newspapers which helped them to track some fantastic pieces of the past. From information on new technologies, epidemics to changes in the social and political environment are being accessed.

Buzz News

Why Machine Learning Will Decide Which IoT ‘Things’ Survive

Machine learning means solving problems with house devices. The smart gadgets and gizmos which are attracting consumers have machine learning enabled in them. A smart device to turn your heater as per you timed it is evolving into automating home temperature based on people’s presence and needs.

China’s Risk-Loving Mom And Pop Investors Have Abandoned Local Stock Markets For Bitcoin

As the country’s strict currency control is in effect, individual investors are finding new ways to keep their assets. After the stock index tumbled last year, the investors are heading towards Bitcoin. Around 94% Bitcoin trading was in Chinese Yuan, and increase of 60% from last year. As Bitcoin is decentralized and cannot be controlled by the government, more and more investors are taking this route.

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