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What You Missed This Week#3: Top Articles that Resonate with our Audience

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A list of the week wrap up articles which intrigued and interested our readers.

Topics range from marketing, innovation, to what’s hot in the startup tech scene, in China and abroad.

Fourth of the series.


Three Bold Marketing Technology Predictions For 2017

Cognitive marketing, which tries to understand the human brain to improve performance can help in finding behavioral characteristics, redesigning messaging. Data break down and asking the right questions to make sense and improve product guidance. Marketing and Ad technologies will converge leading to cross-sector integration of technologies.

When It Comes To Mobile Advertising, Relevancy Is Not The Only Key To Success

How to create a satisfying user experience in the mobile age using ads which do not irritate the consumer? With short attention span and many distractions while using technology such as mobile phones, the target audience need to be offered more than just relevance. The trend is heading towards less is more.

Venture Capital

Global VC Activity Declines In 2016, But Asia Holds Firm

Globally, VC funding activity declined by 25 percent with 13,665 deals raising a sum of US$127.4 billion. In 2015, witnessed 17,992 global venture capital investments raising US$141 billion. Asia, remained constant at US$39 whereas China funding increased, raising US$31 billion this year.

Human Resource

How Recruiting and HR Will Change in 2017, According to LinkedIn’s Talent Leaders

Employee Experience is in focus asking questions like what employees want than what they need. Bots will be more and more used in process evaluations and efficiency. The trend is inching towards rethinking on performance management and compensation systems. Focus will be more on skills which will change University recruitment dynamics.

Market Strategy

Can Online Education Ever Get a Passing Grade?

EdTech and online education prospects have been compelling and investors have been interested in it. However, a study shows that on average, the viewing rate and completing the course is very low which keeps us guessing as to how much have been learnt through them. Changes have to made in the methodology of Edtech differentiating it from the traditional education process.

4 Big Problems Plaguing Chatbots

Everyone wants a taste of Chatbot thus it is being rushed. Less testing is paving the way for it becoming more complicated and time consuming instead of giving better solutions than already exists.

Market Entry

Internet of Things Poised To Disrupt Banking and Insurance

IoT will be able to streamline products for example offering specific pricing, help in fraud prevention, churn defection making more informed analysis of segmentation of customers. IoT technologies are being used to monitor customers to understand and engage better with them in the financial service industry.

Alibaba Taps Middleware, Big Data As Cloud Differentiators

To stand out from its cloud competitors, Alibaba Group's cloud unit is ready with big data and middleware offerings, to fill the current gap for elasticity. With presence in several markets and data centres established in Asian region, plans for new locations were likely to be in Europe.


Bots Are Not Killing Apps-Bad Apps Are Killing Apps

People concerned with the declining App numbers have to look at the mobile engagement metric, not App download. Mobile Apps continue to outride the mobile web time spent, ratio but they are spending more time on fewer Apps. How can Apps engage users is the question which has answers like if it is solving a problem, making things easier among others.

How To Make Sure The Future Connected Car Is Secure

With the connected car being called data center on wheels, buyers of connected cars are hesitant to “turn on” their connected services. People tend to worry what devices are doing and what they are capable of doing as huge amount of data collected and shared between devices.


Five Drone Startups To Watch Out For In 2017

From startup which is looking at improving and speeding the efficiency of radiation detection as it maps locates, measures radioactivity and isotopes, to Drone for precision agriculture which can easily monitor large fields of crops, saving time.

Buzz News

Facebook’s Bid to Eradicate Fake News Will Start In Germany

Facebook is facing two lawsuits over fake news during the Presidential elections on its social media platform. It recently launched it fake news tools starting from Germany, which is also seeing an increase in potentially harmful fake news over immigration among others.

How Analytics Data Should Fuel Creativity

How creatives can engage with marketers for fruitful results. A very powerful tool which will be used more effectively is to take data, put it into context and tell a story. A lot of data suggests that several important traits can be measured like creative variations in campaign content, campaign’s long-term performance and the overall content during a campaign.

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