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What You Missed This Week: Top Articles that Resonate with our Audience

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A list of the week wrap up articles which intrigued and interested our readers.

Topics range from marketing, innovation, to what’s hot in the startup tech scene, in China and abroad.

First of the series.

and BTW, Happy New Year !

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How To Use Analytics To Get More E-commerce Sales

Data from customer insights, marketing, and merchandising offers unlimited information if you are able to interpret it correctly to boost your revenue and business.

Youku Ready To Add Viewers’ Data To Help Alibaba refine Online Shopping Customers’ profile

Youku, China’s most-watched video streaming service will integrate its subscribers’ data into the e-commerce platforms Alibaba Group to get data to construct precise profiles of its customers for advertising related to their buying needs.

Venture Capital/Investment

The 10 Largest Investments In China This Year

In the first half of 2016 alone, investors poured US$37 billion into Chinese startups. Well known company’s in China’s bagged the largest funding rounds such as Didi Chuxing, Uber, and Ant Financial. Overall, ride-hailing, Fintech, and O2O were some of the hottest industries for investment in China.

Financing Your Startup: Can A Loan Be A Better Alternative To VC Funding?

Taking money from family while starting a start-up or looking for VC funding. Sometimes both the options are not workable. The reasons maybe many. So should you apply for a loan? The pro is that you manage your startup as per your wish without any interference, the con is that you have to pay a hefty sum every month.

Human Resources

How HR Can Benefit From AI And Chatbots

Bots have the ability to create user friendly interactions. They can help in getting rid of long, tedious questioners, surveys and simplify performance related data which the HR uses for people management and other related areas.

Market Strategy

8 Payment Trends That Are Hurting Your Business

From Digital wallets, Peer to Peer payments, Customer and loyalty cards among others, the Fintech payment industry is coming out with new and evolved payment methods which you need to be aware of while doing business to retain your consumers.

Market Entry

This Startup Wants To Use AI To Edit and Pick Your Photos For You

How this camera changes the photography dynamics, from the angle, lighting to focus among others still needs to be seen. AI picks the best shots and edits them for you. There is no scope of reviewing or changing the settings. Not for the ones seeking instant gratification.

These Are the Five Key Battlegrounds For The Big Tech Platforms In 2017

From Virtual personal assistants, to car brains to VR/AR headsets, all eyes are on how these technology will transform and progress in 2017. Large tech platforms are already playing around with these technology wonders, we have to wait and watch how it will shape the next year and who all joins the race.

Focus Industry

Why MedTech Startups Need Diverse Teams

While a startup having a team of doctors can boost the creation of new ideas, the development of those ideas will held back if there is no diversity in the team. Diversity of expertise fuels innovation and selection of implementation of an idea.


How To Turn Homecooking Into a $273 Million Tech Startup

Airkitchen, Chinese food startup recruits stay-at-home parents, retirees and other cooks to use their spare time and kitchens to make meals. The startup’s food safety and quality control is in place. Inspection of each cook takes place before they join, regular spot checks occur and every meal is also covered by an insurance policy.

How AI Will Disrupt The Classroom

With the help of Big Data and Machine Learning, the education provided can be designed in a more personalized way concentrating on individual optimization learning method. Instant feedback and analysis of problem areas can help in improving traditional classroom teaching as well as EdTech platforms.

Buzz News

What’s In Store For RegTech In 2017

With over 6,000 small, medium and large enterprises globally offering governance, risk management and compliance solutions, RegTech is being seen as a strong industry in Fintech. It was popular in areas such as compliance analysis, implementation & monitoring, knowledge and training, analytics-based reporting – regulatory, transaction among others.

Tech, Media & Telecom More Aggressive Blockchain Investors than Financial Services

Blockchain technology is being adopted consumer products industry, manufacturing, technology, media and telecommunications as they start to realize the potential for disruption and new opportunities that blockchain creates.

Japan’s Softbank Invests $1 Billion In Satellite Startup OneWeb

OneWeb aims to use hundreds of satellites to provide internet access in rural areas and developing countries. The company’s goal is to offer fast internet-via-space connectivity to vehicles in urban areas, rural homes in and schools in developing countries.

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