• Global Platform for Innovation that Drives Business Impact: Cutting-edge Innovation with Measurable Returns




    Successful innovation is a direct result of agility, speed and collaboration. Through continuous iteration, rigorous customer interaction and by truly opening up – innovation can be brought to market much quicker.


    We empower innovators to build scalable ventures in collaboration with startups, government, corporates and academia.


    One of the biggest challenges of startups is to scale rapidly and with excellence. One of the biggest challenges of corporates is to innovate quicker with more impact.


    XNode exists to bring together the best of both worlds. Empowering innovators to create new innovations at lightning speed.






    For Foreign B2B Scaleups

    0% equity.

    China represents one of the biggest market opportunities in the world. However, penetrating the Chinese market is by no means easy.


    Our Scaleup program is meant to help scaleups rapidly scale their innovative business into China by connecting you with relevant potential clients, partners and VC’s. We are therefore looking for top-notch foreign scaleups active in MedTech, Smart Manufacturing or CleanTech to join our program with a very clear focus: helping you achieve business impact.

    For Corporations

    Real Impact, Real results. No "innovation theater".

    In today’s China, every corporate wants to innovate quicker. Every corporate wants to work with startups. Every corporate wants to see results.


    After executing over 200 corporate innovation projects in the last 2 years, we deliver innovation with real impact.

    For Startups

    An International Community full with Opportunities

    On top of quality co-working spaces, we also build entrepreneurship and innovation community, gather together our incubators and innovative platform partners. These helped people from different languages, cultures and industries to communicate and learn from one another.





    A Global Platform

    with Chinese roots

    We operate globally with offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris and Eindhoven. We can therefore easily support and build innovation across the globe. Our team in Shanghai consists of 6 different nationalities while the large majority of our team is Chinese.


    We are the leading private corporate

    accelerator in China

    We‘re proud to be pioneering corporate open innovation in China without any government funding, and have proven to deliver measurable business impact for our clients.


    We operate like a startup.

    We understand the corporation.

    Our team is composed of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators in Chinese and international environments. We understand what it takes to drive innovation to result.


    Our programs are highly

    customized and localized

    We are able adapt to the needs and challenges of our stakeholders and don’t believe in one-solution-fits-all acceleration.


    We do not

    invest in startups

    There is no bias or conflict of interest when building collaboration between startups and corporates.


    We are building a top-notch

    Chinese Innovation ecosystem

    By working closely with academia, Chinese government, startups, scaleups and corporations.

  • Track Record:

    Our Achievements

    1121+ XNoders in Our Community

    97% NPS on Acceleration Programs

    43 Cross-border Startups Accelerated from 7 Countries

    152M+ USD Raised

    by Startups in our Programs

    249 Corporate Innovators Participated in 64 Corporate Acceleration Projects

    160M+ USD Revenue Generated for Corporate Innovators

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