Accelerate your entry to China and localize your business

    with our market entry acceleration program for startups & scaleups.



  • 0% Equity Market Entry
    Acceleration Program for Startups & Scaleups

    The Program

    Penetrating the Chinese market is hard. To properly support you, we have built a highly-customized scaleup program with one goal: generate tangible impact for each participating business in China.


    Our Scaleup acceleration program has 2 phases and is designed to help you fully embed each business into the Chinese market to validate opportunities in China with maximum speed and efficiency. We measure the success of our programs with only one metric: tangible impact to each participating business.

    - Phase 1

    Phase 1 is focused on getting you and your business China ready. From your business model, IP, and your pitch all the way to industry specific insights curated for your specific company.


    - Phase 1

    A 2-week trip to China to conduct focused meetings with highly curated potential clients and investors. Each series of meetings will be completely tailored for all companies on an individual basis to maximize potential business value for each participant. You’ll also get the chance to meet some of our local experts and entrepreneurs in residence. Your trip culminates in a public demo day to the broader Shanghai ecosystem.

    Office Space

    You'll have full access to our co-working space located in the heart of Shanghai for the duration of phase 2 of the program.

    Our Ecosystem

    Tap into our extensive corporate network of both multinational & local corporations. In addition to our corporate network we've built strong community of investors, fellow startups, academic institutions and local government institutions.


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  • Karen Surmon

    Trade Commissioner at Austrade

    "We're excited to be working with XNode on the Shanghai Landing Pad, one of five global hubs helping Australian startups innovate, accelerate and go global."

    Victor Bogey

    Ubudu Asia GM

    ”XNode was able to help us make sense of our business and the opportunities for us in China. Even more importantly, they were able to open the door for us with several corporate clients to speed up our growth and validate our offer.”

    Thibault Genaitay

    Driver of Le Wagon Shanghai

    "XNode is more of an incubator than a simple co-working space. It is dedicated to help every XNoder succeed by providing opportunities, connections and an inspiring environment consisting of like-minded people."

    Kai Liu

    Founder of CareLinker

    "XNode has been providing mentors of all specialties and experiences, such as legal, financial, leadership and recruiting mentors, to help startups navigate through challenges and difficulties."



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