• Innovation the Chinese way

    XNode corporate partners find and implement their innovation strategy with our community and business-impact programs.

  • Innovation the Chinese Way

    Innovators and entrepreneurs in China work and thrive on different methodologies than those taught in the rest of the world. We started with a beginner's mind and looked at how they create exponential results.

    Corporate Innovation Journey

    With their own culture and readiness to execute, companies are at different stages of the Innovation Journey. We looked at the milestones and critical metrics to keep an eye on.

  • Scale with startup speed

    We distinguish Innovation from R&D. The former refers to the process of improving a methodology, product, business model, or idea. Startups innovate best. Their free environment and survival spirit foster rapid execution.

    Plugging the innovation process to the organisation's scale brings incredible opportunities. Startups, leaders, and the firm benefit from strategical collaborations.

    The role of China in a firm's global innovation strategy

    Corporations traditionnally innovate in their home market. They set up Incubators, Venture Funds, Labs, and R&D centres. With time, it impacts the business. Once proven successful, these programs get replicated in crucial markets.

    China is different.

    The market is taking an alternative route: different behaviours, trends, and regulations. Copy-pasting what worked abroad is a failing strategy.

    We help organizations identify, prioritise, and implement innovation projects based on their business goals.

    Companies operating in China need Innovation the Chinese Way.


    ■ Learning Expedition ■ Ideation Workshop ■ Pitching Bootcamp ■ Innovation Hackathon ■ Accelerator



    Recognizing the importance of innovating in China. Discovering different use cases and opportunities.



    Getting internal alignment, nurturing buy-ins and decision makers.



    Rolling the plan with a strong focus on impact and change. Using this opportunity to get real insights.



    After testing and iteration, the aim is to expand programs with more visibility and success stories.


    International leadership teams explore the Chinese innovation ecosystem. Meet with local entrepreneurs, up-and-coming startups, and investors for a full-immersion.


    Ideation Workshop


    A starting point to decide what innovation strategy works best for your team. Embark on a hands-on process to explore challenges from various perspectives, define problems and identify potential opportunities.

    Pitching Bootcamp


    Clarify the presentation logic of your innovation ideas. Give sharp and effective pitches to potential clients, stakeholders and colleagues. Our goal is to help you to improve communication efficiency and tell a compelling story like a 🦄!

    Innovation Hackathon


    Intense 2-5 days bootcamp, combining workshops given by executive speakers, and exploration of the innovation ecosystem.


    XNode innovation hackathon is focused on rapid decision making and taking action. Built as an experiential learning moment, teams discover how to go from an idea to a prototype with the help of mentors.



    The comprehensive practice of open innovation. Within 3 months, we validate and roll-out innovation together.


    It can happen completely within the corporate. Together we identify, select, nurture, and bring ideas into intrapreneurship projects.


    Or you can break the wall and embrace external startups. We help to scout, interview, select the best candidates based on pre-defined topics and help validate the business value of collaboration.

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