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    XNode corporate partners find and implement their innovation strategy with our community and business-impact programs.

  • Innovation Shanghai

    Innovation the Chinese Way

    Innovators and entrepreneurs in China work and thrive on different methodologies than those taught in the rest of the world. We started with a beginner's mind and looked at how they create exponential results.

    Corporate Innovation Journey

    With their own culture and readiness to execute, companies are at different stages of the Innovation Journey. We looked at the milestones and critical metrics to keep an eye on.

  • Scale with startup speed

    We distinguish Innovation from R&D. The former refers to the process of improving a methodology, product, business model, or idea. Startups innovate best. Their free environment and survival spirit foster rapid execution.

    Plugging the innovation process to the organisation's scale brings incredible opportunities. Startups, leaders, and the firm benefit from strategical collaborations.

    The role of China in a firm's global innovation strategy

    Corporations traditionnally innovate in their home market. They set up Incubators, Venture Funds, Labs, and R&D centres. With time, it impacts the business. Once proven successful, these programs get replicated in crucial markets.

    China is different.

    The market is taking an alternative route: different behaviours, trends, and regulations. Copy-pasting what worked abroad is a failing strategy.

    We help organizations identify, prioritise, and implement innovation projects based on their business goals.

    Companies operating in China need Innovation the Chinese Way.

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Corporate Accelerator

    With external startups bringing their latest technologies and insights on your sector. Or with internal teams sharing what they've discovered on the front line.

    • Focus on speed of execution and creation of value;
    • Combination of workshops, mentoring, and market access;
    • Generate a business plan or create a proof of concept.

    Startups Scouting

    Chinese entrepreneurs bring to the table more than technologies and access to new markets. Their ambition and agility inspire change.


    XNode Startups Scouting assists organisations with their startup recruitment projects. Leveraging our constantly maintained network, we present vetted founders.



    Learning Expeditions & Workshops

    It is hard to miss the importance of China's innovation landscape. Executives and world leaders have been coming to us to forge an opinion about the ecosystem. The impact goes well beyond the trip.

    We find experts and run workshops to assist the learning journey, engage participants and prepare next steps.

    Community Membership

    Kickstarting innovation internally is not a one-time project. It is a unique journey.

    XNode Community Membership provides access to insights, events, startups, and innovation mentors. It presents an opportunity to stay involved and informed with Shanghai's thriving tech ecosystem.


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