It's no secret that China's become an economic superpower – but what isn't as widely known, is just how developed China's startups and technology innovation really are.


    China's tech scene is about to explode and cause massive disruption in dinosaur industries, and now is the perfect time to understand what is happening with your own two eyes.


    We provide tailor-made China Expedition to explore China's startup eco-system, entrepreneurial spirits, technology innovation, and the roles of different parties from 1 day to 2 weeks.


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    We invite you to discover innovation from different angles, understand the entrepreneurial mindset, and see some of the best innovation practices in your industry. The ultimate goal is to shift your perspective and walk away from the experience with a new vision, as well as decisions and actions that will drive real changes.



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  • Be prepared to deep dive into these buzzing topics in China.

    Disruptive Technology Trends

    Entrepreneurship & Startups Ecosystem

    VC Landscape

    New Business Models

    Corporate Innovation Practices

    Industrial 4.0


    Sample 5-day Expedition

    We provide tailor-made China Expedition to explore China’s startup eco-system, entrepreneurial spirits, technology innovation, and the roles of different parties in one week. The modules are flexible and can be designed to your needs and time. The one week program is the most comprehensive and productive way to experience innovation in China.

  • AXA Global Board Members

    June 2015

    @North Bund, Shanghai


    The AXA global leaders were keen to learn about China’s Startup Eco-system and innovation practices. This 1-day forum has combined keynote speeches by innovators with small-group roundtables with interaction. Startups were invited to have a dialogue with the board members on their projects while young students were given a stage to demo their most favorite mobile apps.

  • BMW Innovation Leaders

    September 2017

    @XNode JingnAn, Shanghai


    Talk with specific startups from AI and IoT industries, understand the innovative approaches of their business, and give feedback and challenges.

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