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Global Innovation China Engine

Our unique approach to innovation

We focus on adjacent & disruptive innovation: new customers, new markets, new business models: the type of opportunities where your organization needs help.

Adjacent innovation focuses on emerging opportunities that are likely to generate sustainable profits in the near future. Disruptive innovation focuses on ground-breaking ideas that may result in profitable growth across new markets with new customers or new business models, e.g. investing in moonshot projects, innovation labs or taking stakes in emerging startups.


Adopt a local approach to innovation

We help our corporate partners to do innovation in China for China. We help you understand how to work with Chinese entrepreneurs and combine Western and Chinese innovation methodologies to maximize for business impact.

Corporate Innovation

An end-to-end approach to innovation

To maximize for business impact, you need an innovation partner to drive end-to-end implementation from innovation strategy, to governance, to implement, to result. Only then can end-results be achieved.

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XNode starts from entrepreneurs, connects the resources of large enterprises, and brings together the power of investment institutions, academia, government innovation agencies, and accelerators/incubators to build a top-notch entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem.

Global Innovation China Engine

Global Innovation
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