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Matrak makes commercial construction easy, for every person involved in a project, through our world-first materials and deliveries tracking network. Builders, manufacturers, installers, crane crew, logistics companies and clients, can all gain full visibility of everything they to need to know, in their pocket, in real-time.

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Nurvv Run

Throughout Q4, 2020, XNode and leading electronics manufacturer, Foxconn Group, co-ran hardware-focused acceleration virtually with NURVV Run, a UK-based tech-startup that’s paving the way for next-generation wearable running technology.

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Us2.ai is automating the fight against heart disease, using AI software to simplify and democratize ultrasound of the heart, the most commonly used tool for the detection of cardiovascular risk.

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Acceleration application

China represents one of the biggest market opportunities in the world. However, penetrating the Chinese market is by no means easy. Our Startup program is meant to help startups rapidly scale their innovative business into China by connecting you with relevant potential clients, partners and VC’s. We are therefore looking for top-notch foreign startups to join our program with a very clear focus: helping you achieve business impact.

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