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"Founded in 2015, at HighTechXL we believe innovation is an answer for the grand challenges of the world, and that anyone with a good idea of making a positive impact, should be empowered to make it a reality.

We started in Eindhoven, a region focused on R&D and high tech business, where the normal accelerator model would not cut it for the hardware startups. By partnering with the big companies in the region, we developed a 3 month acceleration program specialized to support hardware startups to go from prototype to market.

Next step was to try out this program with corporate teams - projects that have top priority or need a re-scoping. Also here we validate their business in 3 months and build an entrepreneurial mindset whilst doing that.

HighTechXL empowers those within or outside of a company to turn their ideas into a reality - to make an impact. We support them in developing the skills, learning the method and using the right tools necessary to grow their business."

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In 2016, Vπ (Zhangjiang Venture) officialy formed a joint venture with XNode to establish a new brand: X.CIP (Zhongchuang Space Brand). The platform which is jointly operated by Vπ and XNode is located at 800 Nanjing Road, the core area of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. X.CIP is committed to provide specialised services for business innovation incubation by connecting and helping them cooperate with start-up companies and activacting their internal innovations. At the same time, X.CIP attracts a large number of outstanding high-tech entrepreneurs to enter and jointly promote high-tech innovation in Zhangjiang, Shanghai.

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FashionEx is an incubator for an emerging industry - fashion technology. It is founded by the joint cooperation between XNode and innnovation experts in the fashion industry.

"Together, the AM360 program and the Fashionex Hub provide established corporates and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build and manage their fashion business, allowing them to leverage specialized equipment in the Fashionex Hub and leading edge industry expertise at AM360. Together, we create an ecosystem to accelerate and incubate new fashion brands.

Fashionex aims to bring local Chinese companies to a competitive edge by gaining methods that are sustainable and innovative in the global industry of apparel/textiles. Fashionex equally focus in bridging the International scene of startups and corporations in experiencing first hand on sight what the future of China offers to grow and accelerate their companies with cutting edge and long term solution."

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