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Open Challenges

Robotics / AI focused Greater Bay Area (GBA) Accelerator Programme

The Eureka Nova GBA Accelerator is an intensive 8-week program targeted at startups looking to scale their business across the Greater Bay Area. You’ll have the opportunity to pilot and commercialize your solutions, expand your network, and gain significant exposure to over 86 million potential new users.

Challenge Topics

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What You Can Get

Intensive Accelerator Program

Starting in Oct 2021, startups will have the opportunity to work closely with New World Development businesses to develop solutions that solve real business problems, and make commercial sense.

Twin Hub

Startups will be given the opportunity to work with our businesses and properties in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

GBA Exposure

With 11 cities in the Greater Bay area, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your technology to this emerging innovation hub. For a sense of scale, in 2020, GBA had a population over 86 million and a GDP of 1.7 trillion USD --- making it the 12th largest economic entity in the world, after Canada and South Korea.

Pilot and Commercialization

We offer an opportunity for startups to partner with New World Group businesses to pilot and scale your technology solution at scale. Using our platform, you will be able to launch and iterate your product for the optimal product/market fit. You’ll understand what business requirements are required to win over large B2B clients.

Nerworking, Training and Mentorship

Breaking into a market as large as GBA can be difficult and we will partner you with the mentors needed to help you succeed. You’ll be able to network with like minded entrepreneurs to develop your go-to-market strategy.

Office Space

You’ll also get access to work out of Grade A office spaces in the heart of Hong Kong or Guangzhou.

Problem Statements


1. Interactive AI chatbot with multilingual functionality



K11 retail malls aim to serve shoppers with unique, game-changing shopping experiences that brings together culture, art and innovation. Our malls, K11 MUSEA, Guangzhou K11 and 11SKIES seek for innovative robotics and/or AI solution for the following use case:

One of our sites will serve shoppers from Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and the rest of the world. We would require innovative solutions especially on customer shopping behavior/pattern identification to cross-sell our offerings to the targeted mall visitors. The solution should be able to cater the different segments of customers who will be able to enjoy a tailored, original & innovative journey in mall and the New World Ecosystem. Additionally, market research estimates that over 55% of visitors to our space are tourists (35% Mainland China tourists; 20% international tourists). Among the international segment, tourists from South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand are more likely to visit 11 SKIES, and therefore multilingual capabilities should be considered.

2. Retail AI analytics for shopping malls to enhance our mall offerings



MUSEA aims to identify international up and coming brands/concepts that are looking to enter Hong Kong or Asia market with technology. We are looking for an intelligent and easy-to-use solution that would collect, consolidate and recommend up and coming brands/concepts that are aligned with the MUSEA vision and positioning, in order to drive mutual collaboration and growth opportunities.

3.Construction robots for space constrained areas

Robotics & A.I.


Hip Seng aims to find smart solutions that can assist human in completing repetitive tasks on the construction sites, while being able to cope with the space constraint and/or network limitation. In addition, we are also looking for intelligent solution that can provide scan-to-BIM feature in an accurate and efficient manner.

4. Unique technology to help us manage the future communities in China

Robotics & A.I.


In anticipation of the future changes to come in community management services, New World China Land (NWCL)  is looking to provide unique and innovative experiences to our tenants and patrons through the application of technology.

NWCL is also looking for technologies that can help property developers better increase their efficiency and reduce their cost during the design, construction and commissioning phases.

5. Robotics and AI solutions for facilities management



Technology is changing the way property management is done on a daily basis. At our K11 facilities, we are looking to deploy solutions to that can help reduce the human capital intensive work needed to maintain our properties. We are looking for robotics or AI solutions that can:

  • Clean bathroom facilities automatically without human intervention
  • Clean floors at scale and on an industrial level
  • Effectively and efficiently collect and measure waste from each tenant
  • Minimize the impact of noise and air pollutants during renovations
  • Sustainably and effective dry the umbrellas of incoming mall patrons
  • Standardize the signage across the whole property (interior/ exterior/ parking lot)
  • Autonomously measuring body temperatures of mall patrons

1. Interactive AI chatbot with multilingual functionality

2. Retail AI analytics for shopping malls to enhance our mall offerings

3.Construction robots for space constrained areas

4. Unique technology to help us manage the future communities in China

5. Robotics and AI solutions for facilities management