2021 Singapore GIA Acceleration Programme Kickoff

March 9, 2021
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2021 Singapore GIA Acceleration Programme Kickoff

From 2019 to 2020, XNode has set up Singapore and Shenzhen offices to help 25 Singaporean companies accelerate their cross-border business landing, support Singaporean companies to connect with large companies and research institutions, organize cross-border matchmaking events for Chinese and Singaporean companies, and lead Chinese companies to participate in the SFF x SWITCH conference in Singapore. In 2021, XNode continues to forge ahead and kicked off the China-Singapore Innovation Launchpad Shanghai Batch 3 virtually. Five B2B companies covering education technology, food technology, real estate technology, enterprise services and other industries are joining the acceleration and exploring the Chinese market together.

China-Singapore Innovation Launchpad Acceleration Programme (Batch 3 Online)

Over the next four weeks, XNode will work with these 5 companies to explore business opportunities in the China market, help them build networks of partners in China, and facilitate business collaborations to accelerate their business expansion.

Startups Overview


ACKTEC's mission is to develop in all their students the passion to learn, the confidence to become self-directed and to micro-learn ny utilizing technologies such as augmented reality virtual classrooms, videos, sound clips, touch base simulation, and electronic examinations on platforms to make education more accessible.


Aromatec is a food technology company that innovates on the preservation food nutrition and aroma by utilizing their solution called Forward Osmosis, which allows food to preserve their aroma and nutrition without external energy or mechanical processes. This creates a more efficient solution to food concentrates that become diluted from the high energy processing while also reducing storage and transportation costs.


Geometrid is a software as a service that helps construction professionals achieve complete project visibility across the supply chain. Building owners, developers, and contractors get live updates in an interactive web 3D environment for asset tracking, progress monitoring, analytics, and reporting.


Pytheas is a travel technology company that simplifies travel for all parties from travelers to retailers to distributors, reducing disappointing or frustrating travel experiences in every. Pytheas utilizes automation and interaction design to bring seamless solutions to improve upon the experience of travel eCommerce.


Sign.net is a free digital signature service that allows everyone to embrace secure trusted digital interactions through identity verification among other powerful signing features. This allows companies to be equipped with power enterprise signing features to help in everyday business processes.


Shanghai and Singapore signed five Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) among government agencies, arbitration institutions, financial institutions, and enterprises at the Singapore-Shanghai Comprehensive Cooperation Council in 2019. Among them, XNode and Enterprise Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate closer interaction between the startup and innovation ecosystems in Singapore and Shanghai. The two sides have reached a consensus on collaboration and will organize and establish an innovation launchpad in China. By connecting Singaporean companies (including start -ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises) to talent pools, venture capitals, customer resources and potential partners in China, XNode and Enterprise Singapore will help to integrate them into China's business and innovation ecosystem.