XNode Pitching! 10

April 4, 2018
Fund Raising


XNode Pitching! 10

On March 30th, XNode Pitching! 10 on Sino-Korean Content Startups powered by KOCCA LAUNCHPAD was successfully completed! The pitch competition was opened to Chinese content startups as well as international startups from Korea, Japan and Spain.

The top three winners will enjoy the acceleration services of XNode, which help them to accelerate their success by finding the perfect product/market fit in China.
(Left: Gary Wang, XNode Operations Director; Right: Albert Kim, DoubleMe CEO)

3D content generations tools DoubleMe won the 1st prize in this pitching and has been awarded a 2-month free stay at any of XNode’s co-working spaces and enjoying XNode's international acceleration resources.

(Left: Harry  Han, Sparklabs Director; Right: Ayaka Sato, CureWorldCosplay, Shanghai Representative)

Building a global cosplay platform and tokenized ecosystem, CureWorldCosplay  won the second prize. The Japanese project has been awarded 1-month free stay at XNode’s co-working space.

Rhoonart and Iqinban tied for third place
(Left: Jaeeui Kwon, Rhoonart CEO; Right:  Gao Qi, Iqinban CEO)

The custom music composition platform Rhoonart and the intelligent piano tutoring system Iqinban tied for third prizes.

We are also honoured to have our judges to share insights on the Sino-Korean content startup environment.

Mr. Eliot Dongwon Shin, CEO of Neoply China and Neowiz China, introduced to the audience the  current entrepreneurial ecosystem in Korea. Mr. Shin has shared particularly his experiece on investment opportunities and individual case studies.

Mr. Albert Yu, Founding Partner of Zhongzhi Cultural Fund, introduced how startups can  capitalize and gain profit through a combination of advertising and subscription models. The growth and transformation between these models must be sustainable, so as to keep growing and reach the tipping point.


Offer easy and affordable 3D content generations tools for the masses.

Fast Facts

  • Generated 2500 3D holograms
  • Generated $1.4 Millions Revenue
  • Over 500 companies are using our proprietary SDK to develop 3D content for movies, games, and more.


F8Date is a high-tech mobile app that— for the first time— offers users the chance to find people they will truly be passionate about, to get a match and chat with a degree of speed and efficiency never seen before. All of this with a feeling of freedom and privacy practically unthinkable until this date.

Virtual Interaction Drama (VR Leader)

K-Pop Entertainment with a VR Twist

Fast Facts

  • 15,000 fans downloaded the beta version ofour app since the end of 2016.
  • 58,000 are ready to hit ‘Download’ when ourfull version is released.


Custom Music Composition Platform, a platform where film producers and brands can get music for any purpose, at any time, at a reasonable cost.

Fast Facts

  • A few close collaboration with both filmmakers and music producers.
  • Get commissioned to create the official song for the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics in South Korea.


Building Global Cosplay Platform Tokenized Ecosystem. Cosplay Platform built with Blockchain Technology.


Wuxia is committed to building up a hip-hop cultural exchange platform that integrates hip-hop knowledge learning, event ticketing information, all in one online community.


Jinggewenhua is the most professional anime culture community platform.


Iqinban is an intelligent piano tutoring system. It is the first of its kind, using a image projection system to do piano teaching and its related auxiliary exercises.


XNode | Startup Accelerator & Coworking Space:We incubate ideas and accelerate startups & entrepreneurs, connecting them to an international and local network of mentors, experts, partners, VCs, corporations and institutions. We provide workspace in strategic locations across Shanghai, where foreign and local teams work together, collaborating and sharing ideas as one community. We've taken what we've learned and developed for startups to help corporates adapt before being disrupted, in a rapidly changing world. We bridge corporates to startups, transform their ideas into realities, and raise their intrapreneurial mindset. Lastly, we've embedded Academia and the Chinese government into this platform, creating and consolidating what we'd like to see in the very near future: a real ecosystem of innovation.

Ultimately Launchpad has been designed to help startups secure placements in global accelerators. To make this happen we’ve teamed up with GAN (Global Accelerator Network) and over 150 other accelerators around the world. The Launchpad pre-acceleration program helps prepare startups for international expansion and then we connect startups to international accelerators. We’re providing several services to help improve startups’ chances of acceptance into international acceleration programs.