XNode Pitching 7! Winners Announced

March 2, 2017
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XNode Pitching 7! Winners Announced

Last Wednesday XNode had a crowded house as we hosted our “XNode Pitching! 7”. We were honored to have 5 brilliant startups from different fields and industries pitch at XNode and try their best to impress our board of judges.

The contestants were startups offering wide-ranging solutions and ideas to their individual industries. Three of the startups pitched in Chinese whilst the other two in English, an example of XNode’s fostering of a welcoming local and international community.

The winner of the pitching was Magic Bean who won a 2-month’s free use of XNode’s coworking space and the opportunity to compete with the best startups of the ecosystem in the coming SLUSH Tokyo in March. The team won the judges over by introducing an IoT-based product that encourages kids to think digitally. Their idea was to educate kids through an app-enabled programmable building block game, which aims to educate kids in a fun and engaging way.

The second position went to Yuejiadian. This B2C platform allows customers to easily access all services related to appliances including maintenance, repair or cleaning, and old appliance exchange services. As the first appliance services startup in Shanghai, they are on the way to set up the industry standards for China.

The runners up were: HealthkeeperS, which delivers high quality healthcare services to employees and assists management teams in assessing ROI and helping to control cost based on data analysis; LUXSENS, which connects new and pre-owned branded luxury goods buyers with the authentic products at guaranteed competitive prices from trusted supply sources; and PJdaren, a product discovery and review platform that allows marketers to activate and measure honest word-of-mouth in an organized and scalable way.

Our JingAn space was bustling with around 70 attendees and included representatives from investment firms, corporator investors, media journalists, and a jury made up of industry-leaders from Recruit Holdings, SilverLink Capital, CTP International, Sky9 Capital and Takumi Innovators.

Recruit Investing in Chinese Startups

Recruit Holdings was the sponsor of "XNode Pitching! 7", counting with the presence of senior VP in investment, gave a touch of excellence to our board of judges.

Recruit Holdings is a corporate venture capital aimed at R&D to drive global expansion. Gigi Yang, the representative from Recruit Holdings, gave the prize to the pitching winner and introduced to our audience Recruit's investment strategy in China.

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