Shenzhen is a buzzling metropolis and bears a strategic location in theGreater Bay Area. It is a major tech and financial hub nestled betweenGuangzhou and Hong Kong. With world class production capabilities and liberal governmentpolicies favoring the city’s lightning paced innovation speed, Shenzhenattracts both global and local startups to participate in the city’s innovationlandscape.

Shenzhen has a strong advantage in Information technology and softwareindustry, and also leads with a highly competitive hardware manufacturingindustry, which makes the city set to out-pace its counterparts. The city ishome to Fortune 500 tech giants of China including Huawei, Tencent, DJI etc.Shenzhen prides itself in being a hallmark of China’s progress in high-tech,finance, logistics industries.

The city has the abundance of top talents, a solid knowledge base withample funding so, with support for expanding its international market reach andinterconnectivity, it has an obvious potential to climb further up.

XNode Shenzhen

XNode Shenzhen started its operations in January 2021. With an internationally experienced team and connections to the venture capital industry, XNode Shenzhen focuses on cross-border collaboration for fast-growing tech companies and financial advisory for Chinese startups. We have deep expertise in the fields of Automotive, IoT, Bio & Pharma, Retail & Consumer, AI & Robotics, Enterprise Software, Cross Border E-Commerce, and Semiconductor.

Innovation the Chinese Way

XNode helps organizations identify, prioritize and implement innovation projects based on their business goals – in China, for China.


Innovation Consultancy

We work with you to develop tailoredand actionable growth plans while leveraging your organizations core strengths


Innovation Programs

We leverage proven program structures to strengthen your organizations innovation capabilities


Innovation Academy

We condense our knowledge from +6 years of teaching innovation and help your organization to gain the knowledge, skillsets and tools to become an innovator

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Expand your startup to the Chinese market through a battle-tested acceleration program


Working Space

You will get working space in the center of Shanghai as well as the dedicated help of an amazing acceleration team


Knowledge & Networking

You will participate in workshops, meetings and activities that will help you grow and better understand China


Demoday & Graduation

You will get to present yourself and your progress during our demo day as well as join our growing community

XNode helps Chinese startups, scaleups, and SMEs to expand abroad particularly in Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We offer:


Bespoke business development services to generate leads


Connections to potential local partners for business development


Detailed market research reports for market expansion


Preferential access to our government resources

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We are an impact driven deep-tech venture builder

Through the Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance, a collective of private and public partners in Singapore, we bring together entrepreneurs and technical talents to take advanced technologies to market in 9 months to create deep-tech ventures with a focus on sustainability.

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