Innovation Consultancy

We work with you to develop tailored and actionable growth plans while leveraging your organizations core strengths.

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Market Analysis & Growth Strategy Research Reports

Comprehensive innovation research reports to enable you to make informed decisions regarding your innovation strategy and priorities

Analysis Examples

China government policies that will have relevant impact on innovation in your industry
Case studies and intelligence from leading players in your relevant industry
Benchmarking rising stars and hidden niche players you can learnfrom
Overview of relevant industry and technology trends
Analysis of your internal capabilities, external requirements and potential gaps
Review of your current portfolio & assets and which to focus on in the future

Innovation Strategy: Transformation & Implementation

Sustainable and best-in-class innovation capabilities, framework and governance within your organization to navigate transformational industry shifts

Result Examples

Amazon-like customer obsession to drive innovation at the core of what people want
Lean innovation process governance for minimum complexity and maximum output
Create a short-feedback-loop culture with lots of experimentation and lean startup approach
Employee agility to get employees accustomed to constant change and attract more changemakers
Intrapreneurship culture that encourages employees to turn ideas into innovative improvements
Acquire/integrate/use technologies by working with China’s best and rising startups

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